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Over the past couple of weeks, I've had the amazing pleasure of working with Haili as my newest website design client.

Haili is a Photographer and Writer and when she contacted me about a brand new website design that also included blog features I was excited to get to work. We began our process by first getting to know each other and I spent some time really getting to know Haili's wants and needs. In our e-mail exchanges here are some of the key things that Haili pointed out:

  • Positive, creative and passionate person
  • Pretty, positive and clean brand/website
  • Loves pastel colors
  • Loves cursive fonts and writing
  • Eventually wants to build a business

Of course, this wasn't all the information we talked about. But with this information, I immediately got to work on designing the perfect moodboard.

Final Moodboard.jpg

Haili already had a Pinterest Board set up for images that inspired her and colors that she loved. Using this board and searching for my own inspirational images made it really easy to create the visual you see above. The next step was the color palette, which originally she identified she wanted pastels and after combining colors it was clear that Haili wanted a more blue/purple scheme instead

Following the moodboard, I always like to start the overall brand board where I begin to create the overall color and font scheme, logo and other collateral elements that my client is needing. The overall brand board process was very simple for Haili's design because once I knew she loved the moodboard which gave me the perfect sense of direction to continue creating

And after all the branding elements were set in place that's when I began the overall website design. Haili specified that she wanted something simple and pretty but ideally she wanted people to visit for her content and that to be the first thing they saw. Some of the main elements we included to make her website inviting were a unique header image, a blog excerpt style layout for her homepage and a customized sidebar full of all the important information her readers would need access to. 

And finally, we made sure that her pages were styled in a way that would attract her readers and clients to view her work further. Instead of me going detail about the overall design I highly recommend checking out Haili's website to see all that we created together: