How to Create and Design a Blog using Squarespace in Under 15 Minutes!

Squarespace is an undervalued website platform when it comes to bloggers wanting to get online. Often times, this is because little is known about Squarespace and individuals simply don't take the time to do the necessary research. This has left Squarespace with a bad wrap!

Squarespace is often the platform I promote the most - out of all my business tools and advice I share. It's the platform and software that I feel the strongest about for all online users - not just bloggers or not just business owners. Squarespace is versatile. Why?


Just like many other platforms out there - I'm looking at your Wordpress - Squarespace has built in blogging capabilities. But once again, they aren't well know because they aren't researched. It seems to be an automatic response to choose a platform like Wordpress when you are thinking about starting a blog.


Before you make the choice that is going to determine your entire online presence you want to education yourself, do your research and make an informed decision. Trust me, you don't want to get this step wrong! Squarespace has a lot more to offer then just what is on the outside. And that's why today, I'm sharing every single piece of information I know about blogging with Squarespace.

By the end of this post, you will have a detailed and comprehensive guide to not only start a blog with Squarespace but also how to design this blog, maintain this blog and utilize this blog to reach your goals. And the best part, you can completely set-up your blog using Squarespace in under 15 minutes!

Creating a Squarespace Account

Before we can get to any of the fun blog creating in this post, we first have to get you all setup on Squarespace! For those of you who don't know, Squarespace is a website and blogging platform that integrates a modern template-based system for it's users.

This process of setting up your account is as simple as one click - no, I seriously mean one click. 

Once you've navigated to Squarespace all you have to do is select the 'Get Started' button in the upper right-hand corner and that will lead you through the minimal set-up steps.


Choosing a Squarespace Template for blogging

Squarespace is a template-based system and not all Squarespace templates are made equal. In fact, only some of the templates offered by Squarespace allow you to create a blog within them. This is quite an important factor when thinking about creating a blog using the Squarespace platform. However, Squarespace has over 40 templates to choose from and a majority of those include blog features.

Here are some of my favorites (but there are more):

  • Tudor
  • Foundry
  • Haute
  • Farro
  • Skye
  • Native
  • Bedford
  • Five
  • Avenue
  • Forte
  • Galapagos

Each of these templates has a different interface for a blog but essentially they all provide you with the same features. When choosing your template it is very important to compare them to ensure you are getting the best template to suit your brand and blogging style. For example, you might want a visual template to display your blog and the Five template would suit that very well. But if you were looking for a grid-style structured layout then a template like Skye might be the best option.

Create a list of the top things you are looking for within your blog. Some examples could include grid-style structure, excerpts versus full length posts, large images, minimalist style and more. Once you have this list, write down beside each element which template best uses this feature. This list will help you observe which templates are hitting the most high points for you!

To view all of the templates Squarespace has to offer live, you can visit their template gallery >> CLICK HERE


Creating a Blog on Squarespace

You've sifted through the templates that Squarespace has to offer and you've chosen one! Now it's time to create your blog so that you can start sharing your content with the world! This process is really simple and I'm going to make it even easier by breaking everything down step by step!

Step #1

Once inside your Squarespace website you will be able to view a right-handed menu with several options. First you want to click 'Pages'. Once inside this area, you will see something similar to the image on the right.

Step #2

Now it's time to add your blog. Using the '+" symbol next to the heading "Main Navigation' you want to click this and another menu will pop up to the right. 

Step #3

You are now going to want to select the 'Blog' option in the middle row, last column. This will generate the following preview.

Step #4

Give your blog page an appropriate name, the best option is to just call it 'blog' or 'home' if you plan to have your blog as your home page.

Step #5

Once inside your blog page, you can finally start to create a new blog post and add content to display your latest adventures with your audience!


Making your Squarespace Blog your Home Page

In the steps above, I quickly mentioned that you can use your blog as your home page. If you are a blogger looking to create a blog using the Squarespace platform chances are this is where you want your blog to show up - as your home page. Here are a couple of ways to help you determine where you want your blog located:

Do you want your blog to be the FIRST thing viewers see? Yes, then you want your blog as your home page.

Do you want your blog to be associated with your business? Yes, then you want your blog to be a single page on its own.

By answering this two questions you should quickly be able to determine where you want to put your blog. Even before answering those two questions I'm sure you had any idea. But now how do you execute making your blog your home page? Simple!

Step #1

Back on the 'Pages' menu you are going to want to click the small gear icon next to your blog page.

Step #2

Another smaller window will pop up to the right of your screen that looks similar to the one on the left.

Step #3

Navigation down to the very bottom of this open window and click the 'Set as Homepage' function.

And there you have it, your blog is now the first thing viewers see when they visit your website!


Creating & Publishing Blog posts on Squarespace

Yay! You've just created your blog in Squarespace and you've made your blog the main focal point of your Squarespace website. But now it's time to get creating content including text and visuals that will help you establish yourself as a credible blogger within your niche.

Squarespace makes it really simple to create a new blog post and thus, create new content for your audience. 

Step #1

Navigation to your brand new blog page. Once there you are going to select the "+" located alongside the little gear icon. Once clicked, a new window will appear similar to the image on the left.

Step #2

Enter your post title in the 'Enter a post title' area and start adding your content into the 'Write here' area. 

Step #3

For even more creativity within your posts use the small grey teardrop icons which will appears as your mouse rolls over these areas.

Step #4

Once clicked, a new window will appear similar to the image on the left. You will now have the option to add additional content blocks to your posts including: images, quotes, videos and much more!

And there you have it! In 4 easy steps you've just created a brand new blog content area.

It was quickly mentioned above that you can create unique blog content up uploading various content blocks. This is exactly what I've been doing for this post to left-align my images and then place my text on the right! Squarespace is completely customizable when it comes to your website and there blog content areas are no different.

The customization completely depends on the user. For example, if you are displaying a portfolio of images to your audience then you might want to utilize the 'image' content block and then drag-and-drop these images around to create a unique layout. But if you want to focus more on writing then the 'text' content block is your best friend. But I encourage you to play around with the content blocks to create unique layouts within your posts!


Publishing your blog content on Squarespace

Once you've completed adding your content and arranging your layout to be unique you are then going to want to publish this content. Even this is super easy with Squarespace!

Step #1

After you've finished writing your content and are ready to publish it click the word 'Draft' on the bottom right of your blog post window.

Step #2

Once clicked a new set of options will appear and you want to select 'Published'

Step #3

Once clicked, you will then be able to click on the 'Published On...' that appears below this area now and customize the publish date and time!

And now all that's left to do is click 'Save' and your brand new blog post is LIVE on your blog!


Utilizing a Blog Sidebar in sQUARESPACE

Just like any other blogging platform Squarespace allows you the option to have a sidebar. And its not as simple as your traditional right sidebar layout either. Squarespace has several sidebar options including:

  • Full Width Post View
  • One Sidebar
  • Split Sidebars
  • Two Sidebars

How do you go about getting these different sidebar options? Squarespace also makes that simple:

Step #1

Navigation back to your blog page and then click on the small gear icon. This will open a new window similar to the one on the left.

Step #2

Scroll down in this window until you find the 'Page Layout' section. Within the drop down menu you can change your sidebar options.

Step #3

Once changed, simply select 'Save' on the bottom right-hand corner!

When creating blogs with sidebar options I've rarely used the split sidebars or two sidebar options. Most of my client want a full-width blog layout or a simple single blog side (which you can customize which side within the Style Editor). But play around with your sidebar options to find out what best fits what you are looking for in your blog layout!


And there you have it!

Can you believe that you've just created your Squarespace website, created a blog, styled your blog, published content and determined your sidebar options! I'm so proud of each of you!

Squarespace really is an amazing blogging platform full of lots of options - and this post didn't even cover some of them. The other benefit to Squarespace is that you can create a blog in under 15 minutes and upload content in about 30. Which to me is a huge asset as someone who posts weekly content. Imagine if I posted daily!

But I know that there is even more you want to know about blogging with Squarespace and Squarespace in general. I'd love to hear what else you want to learn so be sure to leave your recommends in the comments below so I can help you create a simple, strategic and successful Squarespace website!