Introducing Studio Krystal for 2017

Studio Krystal was launched on April 1st, 2016. This day is one that I won’t certainly forget anytime soon. From spending late nights perfecting my website to feeling so nervous I thought I could vomit. The experience of building and launching a business – for the entire world – is one of the most uncontrollable feelings but also has to have been my biggest accomplishments.

On launch day, I set a small plan in place of ‘testing the waters’ to see if my services and content would appeal to my target audience. Obviously my results were good. As the months continued on, I shared more valuable content and I shared more personal content and I let you all peek inside my busy life, hectic schedule and grab just a little piece of my knowledge.

With each passing day I was shocked that Studio Krystal continued to grow. And I soon realized that as Studio Krystal grew my overall business mentality would have to grow with it. The little plans that I put in place of ‘testing the waters’ were no longer going to work and I needed to get serious!

Client work continued to fill my Inbox and I soon became completely dedicated to the individuals who were paying me hundreds to makeover their websites and create beautiful digital works of art for them. Studio Krystal took a backseat. I continued to write content but I also continued to push my plans for growth further down my to-do list.

And now we’re here!

2016 was an incredible year. But 2017 is going to be better! If you haven’t noticed already there are some visual changes here on the website and I promise there are strategic changes to match what you see right now! What better way to start the year than by allowing you inside the backend of Studio Krystal to see what has been going on to prepare for these changes!

Refining My Mission

Studio Krystal has never made a true mission statement. Yes, I’m serious. When I launched Studio Krystal I was really fearful that it wouldn’t stand the test of time and therefore I didn’t put as much effort into it. Something I strongly regret not doing now.  

So as I was preparing for the New Year it was really my mission to refine the mission – and the overall details - of Studio Krystal so that I could better present services and content to you.

The very first area of my business that I tackled was my good ol' mission statement which now encompasses everything that Studio Krystal is about:

"Simple and Strategic Website + Brand Designs for Savvy Entrepreneurs."

Why did I tackle this first?

My mission statement has always been a little bit of a hidden secret. I never really focused on creating on and the one that many of you might be familiar with – flourish to full-time success online – was implemented quickly with little thought. This encouraged me to want to really take the time to establish Studio Krystal. And what better way than through a mission statement with meaning and purpose.

It's clear. It's simple. It's strategic. You can clearly see within my new mission statement it tells you exactly what I do, who I do it for and why I do it. And it finally gives Studio Krystal that one true meaning. 

Creating Goals

One of my favorite tasks is sitting down with pen-and-paper to create goals for myself. This task happens on an almost daily basis because it allows me to step away from my devices and really dig deep and discover what I want to accomplish without the influence of others.

This was no exception when it came to wanting to better refine Studio Krystal and set myself up for success in 2017. As I was creating my goals, I really decided that I wanted to focus on four main categories, which include:

  • Statistics
  • Income
  • Growth
  • Engagement

Just like narrowing down your target audience or your niche, narrowing down on your goals can also help you streamline your process, accomplish things faster and overall boost your chances for success. But remember, setting goals isn’t just about saying ‘I want to gain 1,000 new followers’ it’s more about creating S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself.

Here is a quick peek inside what I’d like to accomplish this year with Studio Krystal:

**** please note, I have narrowed and scaled these goals for this post, if you would like to learn more on a particular goal please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments ****

  • Maintain an average of 3,000 - 5,000 pageviews per month depending on the Yearly Quarter
  • Earn $12,000 in income from my Squarespace Website Design and Branding Design services
  • Focus on groth within my Pinterest to reach 2,000 followers directly influenced by my use of Group Boards on the platform
  • Focus on growth within my Facebook Group to reach 1,000 members with further engagement and interaction through new upcoming improvements within the group
  • Create a better budgeting plan for the income generated from Studio Krystal
  • Create 1 - 2 Content Upgrades per month for existing / future blog post content

Let's GET Visual

And then there's the most obvious change. 

To compliment the strategic changes that I've worked to make for Studio Krystal, I knew that my visual changes needed to accompany that. However, I wasn't dissatisfied with my brand identity. I decided that I could use elements from my original branding and refresh other elements to help compliment the more professional and versatile feeling I was going for. 

My color scheme is an excellent example of this refresh versus rebranding. My color scheme was something that stayed very similar to what you are used to seeing but I decided to add in a navy element to help give me a darker and more sophisticated color to play with.

Here is what my color scheme was before:

Here is what my color scheme is after:

And then of course, no branding is really complete in my eyes without the addition of a logo concept. In my previous branding the concept I had was a simple horizontal text that said 'Studio Krystal'. It wasn't fancy and it didn't stand out. Because I knew I wanted to be a staple in my audiences mind I actually created three logo concepts that I feel I could use interchangeably. 

Here is the combination of all of my new and refreshed branding elements:

There are a few more key branding changes that you will see as you surf around my website and associated social media accounts. I'm really happy to have a better aligned style for Studio Krystal and I'm hoping this will also help the strategies I put in place come to life.

In Conclusion,

I'm really proud of the growth, engagement and connections that I was able to make in 2016. With the start of this brand new year and this new outlook on business, I'm excited to see what the future for Studio Krystal holds in 2017. And of course, I'm thankful for all of you that continue to read my content, follow along with my plans and are dedicated to watching Studio Krystal grow and succeed!

With all of that being said, I would like to welcome you to a kickass 2017 and a refreshed Studio Krystal!