Creating a Brand Board for your Business & It's Benefits + FREE Download

Here at Studio Krystal, I spend many hours scrolling through Facebook Groups helping fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs. The other parts of my days are spent creating beautiful digital works of art for clients or writing informative content for the blog. But as I spend a majority of my time in Facebook Groups one thing has become clear…people are still a little bit confused on branding.

Branding as a whole topic really needs its own eBook or eCourse because the amount of information to cover would take days! That’s why I went to school for Marketing – and thus, branding.

While I can’t address branding as a whole without boring half of you, I can address one MAIN portion of branding that seems to have everyone a little lost.

The brand board!

Today I’m going to cover brand boards starting with the basic meaning of brand boards, the importance of brand boards and of course what should be on YOUR brand board to make it successful. And then finally, at the end of this post stick around to receive your very own brand board template so you can easily design your own!

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Let’s get started;

What is a Brand Board?

Brand boards are often used by designers, marketing professionals, business owners and those who are looking to build successful brands. But I truly believe that everyone should be using a brand board no matter their niche, audience, skill level or experience.

Brand boards, often called style guides, are a huge part of your final branding puzzle. They provide a quick overview of all of your main branding elements in one snazzy graphic. 

What is the Importance of a Brand Board?

Any business owner or blogger who is serious about having a successful brand knows the importance of branding. Any branding that is created requires - in my opinion - the creation of a brand board! Therefore, no matter who you are, if you have brand you need one of these suckers. 

But why?

The key element in branding that you will hear me talk about a lot is consistency. Your brand board is an essential part of keeping your entire brand consistent because it contains all of those important elements - which yes, we will talk about. Not only is consistency a huge asset your brand board has to offer but it also provides an all-in-one visual representation of your brand, quick reference guide and allows you to build how recognizable your brand is.

Elements of a Brand Board;

Color Scheme:

Color plays an important role in the visual aspect of your brand. We all know what colors represent McDonalds, Nike or Best Buy. They are classic, timeless and recognizable brands and they stick out in our minds without seeing their logos.

Color influences your audience in subconscious ways through the use of Color Psychology. Each specific color family (IE: red, blue, yellow, etc) is associated with a different set of feelings and emotions. These can directly affect your business in positive ways or negative ways if chosen improperly.

Pro Tip: Make sure to include your HEX color codes on your brand board so that when you need them all you have to do is open your brand board not spend the time searching for the codes.


Font Choices

Fonts could arguably be the most important element to whether you have a successful brand. When you put your branding in place, it’s often your fonts that take center stage because they are absolutely everywhere throughout your brand. They are in your logo, your body text on your website, your graphics and many more areas.

When looking at choosing fonts for your branding you want to make sure that you are pairing your fonts properly. Fonts come in categories including: serif, sans serif, script, etc. It’s important to get to know these categories and play around with font pairings to make sure that you at utilizing the best fonts in the proper ways.

Pro Tip: Make sure to include the name of your fonts within your brand board so you can easily identify them. Don’t forget to also outline each letter of your particular font, this might seem like overkill, but it will allow you to better visual words in your chosen font style.


Logo Concepts

As a Logo Designer, I cannot emphasize the importance that a high-quality logo design can have for your blog or business. Once again, brands like McDonalds, Nike and Best Buy stick out in our minds with timeless, creative and unique logo concepts. We know that McDonalds is recognizable with the golden arches and Nick is famous for its simplistic checkmark-like design.

Pro Tip: Compliment your main logo design by creating various simpler versions and sub marks that can be used in places where your main logo concept might be too complex to use. Don’t forget to include all of these concepts on your brand board.



Our brands are often influenced by external factors such as patterns, textures, and images. These are often items that you want to include in your brand board because they help create a cohesive element between what is happening on the board. It also allows your audience – if you’re sharing your brand board – a glimpse of how you create your visual brand identity.

Pro Tip: Don’t overload your board with 10+ inspiration images. Instead stick to 1 – 2 pattern or texture based images and 3 additional images that represent your brand the best.

Here are inspirational images I used when creating the Studio Krystal brand that I would include on my brand board:


Brand Collateral

For those of you who have a larger brand expanding multiple platforms there might be a need for additional brand elements, often called brand collateral. These items might include, but are not limited to;

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Blog Post Graphics
  • Stamps
  • Postcards
  • Etcetera

By adding your brand collateral elements to your brand board you are helping yourself and your audience to fit the pieces of your puzzle together. These elements will provide them with a full brand story. And, if they see one of your elements on Pinterest, your website, or social media they will automatically recognize it as YOURS!

Pro Tip: If you are concerned about your brand board being too long, you can create two separate brand boards. One brand board will contain your colors, fonts and logo’s while the other will contain any extra brand content you want to showcase.

Brand boards are an essential to your brand, while not for your audience but for your use as your brand continues to grow and evolve. Hopefully this post has showed you why they are so important and given you plenty of ways to create the perfect brand board.

But they can also be hard to create if you don’t have the best ‘eye for design’. That’s why I’ve decided to share this FREE brand board template with you! Don’t forget to grab the FREE download so you can create your own brand board and show off your brand like you never have before!

**** Please note, the download located in this post is provided in PSD format and will only be able to be used in Photoshop or Adobe Software! If you require additional help or would like Studio Krystal to finalize your brand board template, please contact us directly: