Introducing In The Lyons Den

Now that we are almost a month into 2017, I have spent time reflecting on 2016 in terms of the talented bloggers and business owners that I worked with to create beautiful digital works of art. Upon reflection, 2016 was an amazing year full of fun, unique and inspiring client projects.

Client projects are the SOUL of Studio Krystal.

Client projects are the part of my business where I get to connect with savvy entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps in their blogging or business journey. Nurturing these connections allows me to understand my clients stories and then, create beautiful digital works of art to reflect their visions. 

All of my projects hold a special place in my heart but no other project in 2016 got me quite as excited as working with Suzy to bring her vision to life for her blog and business, In The Lyons Den. This project was the very last one I got to complete in 2016 and it was completed over a month ago but I couldn't help in sharing the final results with you all!

Before we dig into the beautiful designs that I created, I first want to introduce you to Suzy and In The Lyons Den! Here is a snippet of information that I feel best represents both Suzy and In the Lyons Den taken directly from her website:

"Life is constantly evolving and changing as I have moved into my thirties and become a mum to 2 beautiful kids. I have always enjoyed thinking, growing and trying to be a better person."

Suzy's blog and business is exactly what it sounds like. It's true, it's honest and it's one of the most real looks inside of REAL life that are floating around on the internet, in my opinion. Suzy writes with honesty, love and truth with each new post she makes pushing the envelope and truly showing how much she shines - and sometimes fails - at life.

If you can't guess Suzy's niche isn't the most defined and falls within the 'lifestyle' category with her main focus being on parenting, balancing life, and personal growth. While this might not be a defined niche it has worked incredible well for Suzy and I felt that with the right strategic and cohesive design Suzy could really make this broader topic niche work. And she has!

When I start any new design process with a brand new client I like to implement a ‘Brand Discoverywhich is a questionnaire that lets me get to know the person I'm designing for. This questionnaire is about 6 to 10 questions long and helps both myself and my client understand all aspects of their brand including who their ideal audience is, what their goals are, what their struggles are, their mission statement and much more.

When completing this Brand Discovery process with Suzy it really helped her fully establish her brand and it helped us create an overall vision before we moved on to the design portion of her package. One of the main areas that it helped us accomplish was the creation and implementation of her new tagline:

“Imperfectly Balancing Kids & Life”

This little four-word tagline helps sum Suzy’s brand up without being complication or hard to understand. It clearly shows what Suzy’s brand is all about and really helped me as a designer put together creations to reflect what Suzy does!

Another portion of the Brand Discovery that is really important is the following question:

" Describe your brand is 3 - 5 descriptive words: "

This question gives me the BEST insight into what my client envisions for their brand and what they want to accomplish for their design package to be completed with me. In Suzy's case she shared these words: passionate, simple, real, honest, fun loving and compassionate. Working with this as a starting point along with the rest of the Brand Discovery answers, I got to work tackling the designs!

Initial Logo Concepts (2).PNG

Here you can see the moodboard and three design concepts that I came up with - which each client gets no matter what package they purchase. In doing the concepts for Suzy I wanted to maintain somewhat of a consistent feel between them but I wanted to limit our options and make each concept unique and bold on their own. 

The first concept is the ever popular circle. There are a lot of brands out in the market right now that have this circular shape logo and while it works for some it also doesn't for others. In Suzy's case this was nice to play with but didn't really fit the style she was going for. 

The second concept got us a little bit closer to her vision. This was focused on more of a text-based concept and showcased her beautiful tagline off. While this concept was in black-and-white it was also translated to her color scheme to showcase how versatile this concept could be. Sadly, this also wasn't the one!

The third concept combined a visual element, a text-based concept and the boldness that Suzy was looking for. It felt the most real and honest to her but she also felt that it needed to under go some changes to really make it hers. After choosing this concept we decided to add in her beautiful tagline and make the main pink font slightly bolder. This helped the concept feel like it belonged to In The Lyons Den! 

565 Width.PNG

And now you see the final masterpiece! 

What I really think made this entire process fun for me as a designer was that Suzy allowed me to play with her design. While she had a set amount of concepts and revisions, she really allowed me to explore my options as a designer within this design. She helped push me outside my comfort zone and I think that's what makes this design so close to my heart. 

Now that you've heard it all from me it's always great to hear from my clients themselves. Here is what Suzy wanted to share with you all about her design process and final design concepts:

" From the very beginning, Krystal was friendly, easy to work with and most of all asked the questions to find out exactly what I was about and what I wanted my brand to be about.  She helped me brainstorm different ideas and really opened up my mind to new suggestions.  Her response time was amazing, her pricing very reasonable but her service was flawless.  It made no difference that we were working on opposite ends of the globe! "

Are you struggling with your branding? Be like Suzy and take the steps necessary to create a beautiful brand that will succeed! In 2 - 4 weeks you will have a beautiful brand to call your own and I guarantee that you will see amazing results!