Update: Blogg Bedre Branding Project

Since the launch of Studio Krystal, I've gotten to work with some absolutely amazing clients and we've created beautiful works of digital art together. Today, I'm sharing my most recent project that I worked on with Lene from Blogg Bedre. 

When Lene and I first began discussing her project one of the things she taught me was a small bit of Norwegian since Blogg Bedre is going to be launched for those living in Norway. You see, Blogg Bedre is actually a Norwegian term which translates to "blog better". Blogg Bedre is going to help out fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs and online business owners. Think of it as the Melyssa Griffin of Norway! Lene has an amazing talent with her already popular food blog and I know she is going to have a huge success with Blogg Bedre!

As with any design process that I start here on Studio Krystal, Lene and myself went through a long consultation process. One which lead us down a long path of creating most of the branding elements and then stopping in our tracks.

Sometimes when you do brand work, the initial concepts just doesn't turn out and that's what happened with Blogg Bedre. So we started back at the drawing board and we took to Pinterest to start gathering more concrete information. We added images, elements and everything we could think of to a Secret Pinterest Board and then we went one-by-one through every single one of those posts and talked about why Lene liked it, didn't like it and we really narrowed the Pinterest Board down to a solid ten images

These images are what you see in the Moodboard above! Beautiful, right?

From there, it was time to choose fonts which was also a challenging because there are hundreds of fonts out there to choose from. At the end of the day, we decided to choose some really simple, classic but unique fonts. Lene - and myself included - loved the idea of pairing a more bold font with a slim font because they just complimented each other well and could manipulated to be really pretty in various designs.

When I'm designing, I'll admit I don't stick to font rules. I love branching outside of the comfort zones of my clients and myself. I love pairing items that generally you wouldn't think to because I'm all about creating a bold, beautiful and unique brand for each clients!

One of the biggest areas that Lene wanted to focus on was the creation of a header - headers to me in design are long rectangular images that sit at the top of your blog and tell your readers directly who you are. Lene loved this design idea and immediately wanted to make this - and her logo - the main focus of the brand design while still using other elements like color and fonts to really give her brand that extra push!

I really wanted to push myself outside my own comfort zone with the process and that involved making about 6 header designs. We stuck to the same colors, same font and same general concepts that Lene liked but ultimately after all of the designs we came up with the beautiful on your see above!


After the initial header design was done we moved onto the logo concepts which was pretty easy because we loved the computer graphic we used in the header image. I decided to separate this from the header and leave it as it's own logo. For the second concept, we wanted to keep things clean, simple and we also wanted something that would compliment the header design really well.

So what do you think? Did we accomplish something really beautiful in Lene's new branding?

Currently, Lene is working very hard to get her website ready for her launch and I'm super excited to see everything she does. Of course, I won't understand it because it's in Norweigan but I will continue to follow her content no matter what! 

If you want to learn more about Blogg Bedree and all of the fantastic things that Lene is going to be offering and sharing I encourage you to check out the links to her website and social platforms below. 

Website || Twitter

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