10 Effective Ways to Increase your Website Traffic Using Facebook

In the blogging and business world one of the most undervalued platforms is Facebook. But Facebook has quickly bloomed into the biggest asset that Studio Krystal uses. 

When I'm on Twitter and even Facebook itself, I see tons of comments regarding the struggle to get traffic from Facebook. And further more, the Facebook engagement so that this can translate into traffic for your website. While the struggle is 100% real for many of us, it's how you choose to use the platform that ultimately can make or break your success. 

There are two very key ways to use Facebook: Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.

In today's post, I'm going to talk about each of these key methods and how you can best use them to translate this into engagement within Facebook and then into traffic for your website. 

Before we get started,  it's important that you have a personal Facebook profile. Having a personal Facebook profile builds the perfect foundation for any sort of Facebook Marketing that you are going to want to do for your business. 

'But Krystal, there is personal information on that profile?"

I completely understand this and it took me the longest time to get over this big fear. But at the end of the day you can change your privacy settings so that strangers aren't able to view your personal content. Facebook has some great precautions now-a-days to prevent all of your worst fears from coming true. 

Facebook Groups

One: Read the Rules

Each Facebook Group you join is going to have a different set of rules and it's important to read these rules and follow them. If you don't follow the rules many groups will have a set of consequences - even removal from the group - that will cause you to suffer when it comes to gaining that much needed Facebook traffic. 

As a participator in many groups via Facebook, you will also get used to the rules pretty quickly. Now when I see someone break a rule I simply avoid their post all together. This can quickly effect traffic if you decide to post later in the group because people might just remember your name in a negative note.

Two: Join a Mixture of Groups

Getting the best results from Facebook is about being active and being promotional. That's why I think it's extremely important to join a mixture of groups that allows you to do both. 

There tend to be two types of Facebook Groups out there: Promotional and Non-Promotional

Many Facebook Groups meant for engagement simply won't let you self-promote whenever you want while others post daily threads for you to share your link(s) and follow others. Simply read the rules to see if there is anything indicated about the style of group you are attempting to join. 

Three: Get to Know The Group Before Posting

When you are joining a new group it can be very intimidating because you probably already have lots of questions or you want to get to promoting your content right away. But the best method of practice once you are accepted into a group is to spend one afternoon scrolling through the previous content to get to know the group.

Getting to know the group is going to allow you to understand if this group is the perfect fit for you and if you can bring something new to the table and get your content out there in front of your audience. If you find the group is too technical or doesn't share enough content, remove yourself and move on to finding a better group for your needs.

Four: Limit the Number of Groups you Join

At one point, I was part of 50+ groups and to be honest, I just couldn't keep up with them all. So over the past couple of week I've been spending time narrowing my list down to the top 10 or 15 that I know are going to benefit my business the most. 

Limiting the number of groups you joins allows you to target the ones that are really going to help your business. It's also going to allow you to be equally active in each of the groups you are a member of which allows you to gain the most benefits.

Five: Be Active

Being a member of a Facebook Group is a very rewarding experience but in order to get all of the benefits you need to be ACTIVE! If you aren't active people are not going to get to know you or your business. Being active is very easy in Facebook Groups because there is always something happening - you can ask questions, answer questions and join in on daily threads where you feel you have something to offer or say. 

One of the biggest fears when I joined Facebook Group is that I didn't want to butt in on conversation and be annoying. But this has actually been my biggest assets. Don't be afraid to share your knowledge, your business and all of your skills because I guarantee you have something brand new to bring to the table!

Struggling to find the right Facebook Groups to join?

I've talked about Facebook Groups twice before on Studio Krystal and I've provided some great lists of my top favorite Facebook Groups that have worked for me and my business. Take a look at my two posts below to learn more:


One: Link your Business Page to your Personal Page

When being active on Facebook - in groups, pages or other areas - you are going to be using your personal account to comment, like and share posts. One of your greatest assets to this feature is that Facebook Business Pages can be linked back to your personal account. I've located mine under my work section and then I've went in and changed my privacy settings so that non-Facebook friends ONLY see this work information. Thus, driving them to my website and my business! Think of it as a clever sales funnel!

Upon doing this for my own business, I saw a 50% increase in my website traffic from Facebook. I then experimented and removed this connection from my personal profile and BAM....my traffic decreased my 50%!

Two: Branding your Business Page

Just like you need to brand your website you also need to brand your Facebook Page. When people visit your page you want to make it really clear that they are on YOUR page and that this page is attached to your website in some manner. Branding is the simplest way to create this connection.

Three: Keeping a Consistent Posting Schedule

Posting on Facebook requires some extra work and some extra time because it can be hard to notice traffic growth from Facebook Pages. Scheduling your content will help with keeping consistent in your schedule. Here at Studio Krystal, we do two stages of planning content for Facebook:

1) Pre-Planning is where we use an Excel Document to outline all of our Facebook content for the entire week. This ensures we have the right amount of content and know when exactly we want to post the content so that it is the most effective. 

2) Scheduling is where we actually go into our scheduling platform - in this case it's Hootsuite - and we schedule the entire week of content on Sunday's. This allows us to not have to worry about Facebook throughout the week other than responding to comments, messages and driving that interaction and traffic. 

Four: Build a Relationship with your Audience

Facebook has made it really easy for you to grow your audience and build a relationship with them. Building a relationship with your followers is essential for creating a loyal audience that will forever love your brand. Facebook is the easiest place to do this because it allows you to have an unlimited amount of characters, posts and content to share with your followers. It's also great for asking questions, involving people in your brand and supporting others within your niche. 

Five: Search Engine Optimization

Did you know? That if you search a business name on Google chances are their Facebook Business Page is going to come up in your search results. Having a Business Page really helps to improve your Business SEO and it also helps as a funnel to bring that additional traffic to your website through your Facebook Page.

Wow, Facebook can really do a lot for our business, huh?

Facebook is a great place to market your business and really get things off of the ground. Currently, I manage three different businesses through Facebook Marketing and they are all doing exceptional well. While each business requires a different strategy I've been able to see extreme growth from all three and that makes Facebook my go-to platform when I'm even considering launching something new - products, services, business, etc!

It's pretty clear by now, you NEED a Facebook presence and you need to start planning out your content for Facebook immediately.