13 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Website

Social media is an online business owner and bloggers best friend. While I usually stick to some really strong Facebook Marketing that doesn't mean I've forgotten about all the other wonderful platforms out there. If you'd like to learn more about Facebook and how you as a business owner or blogger can grow your traffic: click here!

For today, I'm turning the tables and I'm going back to my roots with social media and discussing Twitter. When I first started out over two years ago as a beauty blogger, the only platform that I utilized was Twitter - what was I thinking?

Using this platform as my main marketing source allowed me to get a great sense of what it's like to use the platform and to build the platform. But now, I'm using it in a whole other manner....to generate traffic and sales right here on Studio Krystal. 

This is the information I'm going to be sharing with you today!

Twitter was my first love. I’ve gone through a big journey with Twitter and I’ve tried many different techniques to get this platform to work for me. But now, as I get deeper into my business journey I’m using the platform in a more direct promotional way to lead traffic to my website.

Today, I’m going to talk about the 13 ways that I’m able to influence my traffic on Twitter and how you can too!

One: Brand Your Images

Branding doesn’t just stop on your website. To have a strong social media presence you have to continue your branding throughout all of the platforms that your website and brand lives on. Twitter is one of the best platforms to bring your branding to, in my opinion. 

The areas of Twitter that you want to focus on building your brand identity are within your profile image, cover photos and images within your written content. But it's also important to remember to bring your attitude, tone and voice to your Twitter timeline as well. People are going to pick up on these key areas and notice you immediately.

Two: Don't Forget Your Biography

Your biography is the ONE constant place on Twitter that you have to introduce yourself to your audience. Use this space wisely to grab your audience’s attention and to help get them over to your website or blog. And don’t forget some of the important key elements like:

  • Name
  • What you do
  • Physical location
  • Website Link

Along with those two key elements the possibilities of things you can add to your biography include:

  • Email List Opt-In
  • What you offer to your audience
  • Call to action to get your audience to your website

Three: Creating Call to Actions

Speaking of call to actions, these are going to be the most influential way that traffic gets to your website. Call to actions are a direct way to provoke your audience to take immediate action – for many of us we are wanting to get our audience to our websites. To do this you want to have clear and concise call to actions in all of your promotional tweets.

Here are some examples:

Want a behind-the-scenes look of Studio Krystal during August? >> ow.ly/ONjt202WGxE "

" Want to learn more about how you can increase your traffic with Facebook? >> ow.ly/RE1j303lGfH "

Four: Self Promotion is OKAY

When I first began using Twitter as a platform to market my content self-promotion was something that wasn’t accepted and it was actually said that you would struggle using this method.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve quickly discovered that self-promotion is completely a fair way to bring your audience to you. Of course, you don’t want to be promoting your content every ten minutes but you want to make sure that you are getting in front of your audience multiple times throughout the day so they remember you and remember to visit your website.

Five: Consistent Posting Schedule

The golden rule to Twitter is really to be consistent and to have a posting schedule that works for you and works for your audience. Generally, per day, I like to publish 8 – 10 tweets that are dedicated to promoting my content and getting out there in front of my audience.

Everyone is going to have a completely different posting schedule but you need to be posting some sort of promotional content three times per day. It takes your audience – or any individual – three times to really remember something and getting in front of your audience this much will make them remember YOU!

Six: Pre-Schedule Your Content

To go along with creating a consistent posting schedule, one of the biggest ways I do this is by pre-planning and pre-scheduling my content. Using a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer is perfect for planning out your content on Twitter and it should only take you a couple of hours a week to do this instead of sitting on Twitter 8 hours a day trying to get yourself out there all on your own.

Seven: Remember to be Active

Pre-scheduling is a really excellent way to focus on other tasks within your business but you still need to remember that being active on Twitter is important. For me, I like to spend 1 hour per day on Twitter where I focus on answering message, sharing others content and participating in Twitter Chats. This also shows my audience that I’m not just a place of my own self-promotion but that I’m also active and wanting to get to know others – especially my audience!

Eight: Sharing Others Content

Do you want to get noticed on Twitter by other fantastic creators in your niche? One of the biggest ways of doing that is by sharing and promoting their content. While your Twitter feed is a place for you to share your work and interact with your audience, it never hurts to help out other online creators by sharing their work around. Chances are they will also share your work in the near future!

Nine: Hashtags Matter

Twitter is one of the biggest platforms where hashtags play a key role in bringing in a brand new audience. Don’t forget to use them in your most important posts to help you expand your audience.

Remember not to take the use of hashtags too far. I recommend sticking to 2-hashtags per post, any more than that will overload your audience and give them the impression that you are in it just for you and not providing them any value.

Ten: Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

One of the greatest features about Twitter is the ability to take one of your most popular tweets or the one you want to get noticed and pin it to the very top of your profile. This means when your audience views your profile they never miss what the latest update is from you. Utilize this with an eye-catching tweet, interesting graphic and a great call to action.

Eleven: Include Text Tweets and Images

While Twitter can be a very text heavy platform it’s important that you use some sort of visual to draw your audience’s attention. From previous posts here on Studio Krystal you should know how important images are for your audience – if you don’t check out this post (click here).

Incorporating images into your Twitter posts is going to be essential for the platform and for giving your audience something else to focus on. It also will grab their attention and help in getting them to your website.

Twelve: Twitter Chats

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter you might have heard of these things called Twitter Chats. Twitter Chats happen all the time on Twitter and usually, they are approximately 1-hour in length where the host sends out 5 questions and those following along answer the questions and use the appropriate hashtag. From here, the members in the chat have some time to talk with each other and thus get in front of a larger audience.

Some of my favorite Twitter chats include:

#createlounge on Wednesdays at 8pm (AST/EST)

#sidehustlechat on Tuesdays at 9pm (AST/EST)

Thirteen: Following and Unfollowing

Twitter is a platform that is constantly active which means that sometimes you have to go through your followings and do some slight clean-up. Don’t be afraid to follow new people within your niche and don’t be afraid to unfollow people either. You always want to be active and be updating, that doesn’t just stop at your tweets.

Twitter is an amazing platform for business owners and bloggers alike. Not only is Twitter a great place to get your content in front of a larger audience but it is also one of the best platforms for engagement and interaction with your audience. 

If you don't know it by now, you need to hop on over to Twitter and create yourself an account. Then, you need to start implementing the content I've just shared in this post! I gauruntee you will see an immediate different in your website traffic!