10 Ways to Use Stock Images + FREE Stock Image Resource List

Visuals - such as images - are they key to making visitors who are coming to your website or social media platforms interested in what you have to offer. Images capture people's attention and keep them around much longer than paragraphs of text could. Images are also a great way to convey a message before your reader even has to read text on your platforms. 

But, I know we all can't be master photographers! While I own a very expensive camera and take product photography for my beauty blog all the time, it's very different to translate that medium to my business. That's why, like many other people, I've taken the Stock Image route. 

Stock Images are a great way to spruce up your website and give it some visual appeal without sacrificing the quality of your images. Today, I'm sharing with you 10 ways that I've discovered you can use Stock Images to help boost your business.

Before we get started, I also wanted to mention that I've curated a perfect list of stock image resources for you! Stay tuned to the end of the post to find out how you can gain access to this FREE resource and many more!

1: Blog Post Graphics

If you own or operate a blog one of the most important elements of a post is your graphics and images. Without images in a blog post all you are presenting to your readers is text. While this text might be well written and informative it's not going to keep your readers around for long without some visual stimulation.

Not to mention the popular increase in Pinterest lately is causing bloggers to think about their blog post images in new light. Images need to be optimized in quality and size to perform outstanding on platforms such as Pinterest. So why not translate these images over into your blog posts. 

Here are perfect examples how I used ONE Stock Image to create three unique blog graphics:

2: Website Header

When people visit your website or blog the FIRST thing they are going to see should be your website header. Make this area count by including a sharp and high-quality graphic or opt for something more simple like a Stock Image. For Studio Krystal, I've done just that. I've used an image that represents my brand extremely well and whenever people view this Stock Image I want people to think of my brand. 

Below is the image (sized and shaped) that I use on Studio Krystal but your options are endless:

3: Facebook Cover

Facebook is my #1 traffic source and the platform that I tend to be the most active on - Facebook Groups are key. So it only makes sense that I keep my Facebook Page up to date with some beautiful Stock Images that match my website and my branding. 

Currently for my Facebook Page I use my main Stock Image with some color overlay and text that both match my branding. This helps keep my account consistent but also tells you what Studio Krystal is all about. For your own Facebook Pages you may just choose to leave the Stock Image unedited or spruce things up with some great manipulations like I've done.

4: Twitter Cover

Twitter is almost like Facebooks twin when it comes to graphic elements that you can use to spruce up your profile. They tend to be roughly the same size and both Facebook and Twitter have the same places to take advantage of when it comes to visuals/images. But I find that Twitter is much more of a high-quality platform when you upload your graphics as opposed to Facebook. In this case, I always make my images a little bit more eye-catching and visual interesting. 

Here is a little preview of how I'm currently using Stock Images in my Twitter Cover:

5: Instagram Images

We all know the popularity that Instagram has grown with us business owners over the last year and we really should be capitalizing on the growing business platform that is Instagram. Since Instagram is such a visual and image based platform though it can be scary because we all aren't photography masters. Instead, opt for some fun Stock Images that are in line with your theme that are going to get you noticed on the platform. 

With Instagram you always want to be thinking outside of the box. While uploading your Stock Image with no edits is perfectly fine there are ways such as adding color overlays and text that can really brand your Stock Images and your account as your own. 

Here are a few examples of images I would upload to Instagram:

6: Additional Social Media Graphics

Social media has an endless amount of possibilities at how you can use Stock Images to improve your account and gain traction with your readers. Upload unedited Stock Images to grab your readers attention and to update them on important events happening within your business or life. Add a color overlay and text to your Stock Image to announce a new post you have published. Or simply find Stock Images in the form of mock-ups that you can present your latest portfolio or project update on.

Here are a few examples of how I utilize Stock Images in my social media graphics across many of my platforms:

7: Quote Graphics

Similar to Instagram Graphics, Quote Graphics can be a great way to spruce up any of your social media platforms. Simply use your Stock Image as a background, then add a color overlay and some text (which would be your quote) and then upload these images to any of your social media platforms. 

Everybody loves quotes and doing them on a Stock Image is going to help bring attention to your account. Not to mention that images in social feeds are ALWAYS going to catch your followers attention over text heavy posts.

8: Landing Pages

Landing Pages can be used in a variety of ways but the biggest way that I love using them is for signing up to my e-mail list. This is also the best method that I recommend to clients. But of course, landing pages can have many more uses such as being a homepage for your website, being a coming soon page for a product and much more. But no matter how you use your landing pages, make sure to use a beautiful Stock Image to create visual interest and fill up some of that white space. 

Here is a sample below of how I would create a landing page for a newsletter sign-up:

9: Website Buttons

If you are someone with a website or blog that uses a sidebar, website buttons can come in serious handy for you. If I had a sidebar, I would certainly be using them to separate my blog categories or redirect readers to my services that I offer. While these are just a few uses for buttons it's the designs of the buttons that can really be fun. Using Stock Images in this area is a beautiful way to continue to keep your branding consistent and overall creates a beautiful effect.

Here is an example of how I would use website buttons if Studio Krystal had a sidebar area:

10: Email Newsletter Graphics

And last but not least, it's time to spruce up your e-mail newsletter. Stock Images can also be great for this purpose and used in many ways within your e-mail newsletters including: headers, buttons, images and much more. Everyone should have an e-mail newsletter implemented (and if you don't, add it to your to-do list) but you should also consider how you visually make your newsletter effective for your brand!

Are you ready to download your own Stock Images and get creating?

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