Traffic Report and August Goals

It's the beginning of August and that mean's it's a brand new month in business. To start this month off right I thought it would be fun to reflect on last month's traffic and based on that information set some new goals that I want to accomplish in August. 

Tracking my analytics and setting goals for myself takes a large part of my time both daily, weekly and monthly. It's something that I'm always striving for because analyzing this data and converting it into goals helps me push myself outside my comfort zone and thus helps push my business to brand new levels. 

Before beginning this post, I want you to know that I'm sharing this information because I believe it to be very beneficial for my business and because I like to be as open and honest as possible. My business has grown dramatically over the last couple of months and I really regret not sharing monthly posts in the beginning so that I could see this growth. 

These numbers and information are taken directly from my Google Analytics. While these numbers might still be small I feel that I'm at the point in business now where I want to start sharing more and I want to start helping others more. I hope that by seeing these numbers and then following my journey over the next couple of months and hopefully years that together we will be able to share in success.

July Traffic Numbers:

Pageviews: 2.271

Users: 806

Sessions: 1,104

Bounce Rate: 58.42%

New Visitors: 66.7%

Returning Visitors: 33.3%

Where did all this traffic come from? It's great to see these numbers as a whole but if you've learned anything from my post about how I grew my website traffic by 600 percent (read here) then you would know I love to dig deeper. Here is what I found when I did this:

Traffic Sources:

Social: 74.2%

Direct: 16.4%

Referral: 4.9%

Organic: 4.5%

As you can see one of the biggest parts of my business is social media! Everything from Facebook to Pinterest aids in how I operate my business and get my content out there for you all to read. Currently Facebook is my leading traffic source with Twitter, Pinterest and other social sources close behind that. I thought it would also be really fun to document my social media followings so that I could continue to see this growth each and every month here on out.

Social Media Report

Facebook: 40

Twitter: 1,065

Pinterest: 527

Bloglovin: 27

Email Subscribers: 82

These number reflect from July 1st to July 31st and I'm really proud of the way Studio Krystal has grown and where I currently am. I'm thankful for the strategies I've put in place that have allowed me to grow my traffic this much. Based on these numbers and tracking them each day for the entire month has allowed me to understand my traffic even further and has allowed me to create the following goals;

Business Goals:

  1. Reach 2,500 pageviews over the next thirty-one days
  2. Reach 1,000 users over the next thirty-days
  3. Earn $1,000 - $1,500 of income from my design services
  4. Focus on Facebook Marketing to grow my account and to boost traffic more
  5. Reach 100 Email Subscribers

How do those goals sound? I like to keep my goals reasonable while still pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. For example, last month I worked on Pinterest Marketing because I simply didn't want to focus on Facebook Marketing because it's much harder. But this month it's time to tackle the big one. I'd love to reach 100 likes on Facebook as my minimum but I'm actually hoping to surpass that by putting an awesome strategy in place and really having my Facebook Page be a go-to hub for everything that has to do with Studio Krystal. 

All of my other goals I feel like are really attainable and that's what I want them to be because I know some of them are going to take a big of extra work than others.

But traffic and goals aren't all Studio Krystal is about. I love providing content for each of my readers. July was a really great month for content and I'm really proud that I was able to produce so much content and I was able to share my very first guest post with each of you. Here is the amazing content I posted this month just in case you missed it:

Final Thoughts

July was a very strange month in business. At the beginning of the month - with Canada Day and July 4th - I really struggled to maintain my traffic and my client income. With this, I decided to focus on writing content for the month and I think that proved to be the right route. However, as the month as gone on I've continued to find it hard to get my traffic numbers and income back up to the previous months. 

In saying this, this more calm time in business as allowed me to work on my business by improving my page copy, new graphic elements, new services and even new ideas for passive income - eBooks, eCourses and much more. 

August is going to be a really crazy month for me and it's going to involve starting school part-time again. This means that I'm preparing to take Studio Krystal from a full-time side hustle to a part-time side hustle - don't worry this won't last forever. This transition is going to be really hard for me to make. But I'm excited about my education and I'm thankful that Studio Krystal has allowed me the income and success to be able to chase this amazing dream!

I'm thankful for the amazing progress that I have been able to make and I'm excited to work hard on my goals this month and grow my business even more.

What are your goals for this month? I'd love to hear more about them in the comments below!