Portfolio Project: Hype Social Strategies Home Page Design

Over the last couple of weeks, I've had some pretty exciting products on the go and one of those was Hype Social Strategies. Samantha is the owner of Hype Social Strategies and she contacted me and displayed interest in updating her home page to help her business look more professional.

Samantha is a fantastic business owner and she offers some really amazing content on her blog and free through her e-mail list to all of her readers, clients and potential clients. Immediately I took interest in Samantha's project because I love helping business owners push themselves beyond their limits. And of course, Squarespace is my true love when it comes to website design. So as soon as I knew Hype Social Strategies was using that program I immediately got excited and started brainstorming where we could take this project.

The previous home page that Samantha had was well laid out but really needed some refining and some changes to make it fully impact her viewers. I saw huge potential in this page and in her entire website so I was happy to make the necessary changes that Samantha was looking for!

hype social strategies.png

Above you can see a glimpse of what the home page looked like before. In my opinion, it was very lack luster with a less than appealing stock image that Samantha also shared her disinterest in. The other area of concern that Samantha shared was that the top navigation/logo area was 'lame' and over-used. So when changing the template I really took this into consideration and made this area something different while still being professional and near the top of the page for viewers to find.

From my design perspective, the other main area of concern for me was making sure that she had sections within her home page that contained lots of white space. This would make scrolling and viewing easier and would also bring that professional look to the home page. In these sections, I also made sure to put the most important ones near the top where readers, viewers, and potential clients would see them first. Creating her home page in a section based layout really enabled me to create a flow for this page and for her readers to follow when viewing.

Working closely with Samantha, we were able to come up with the beautiful home page design that you see above. We decided to use a stronger stock image that showed a girl working to convery the idea that Samantha owns and operate a business and works with clients. I decided to keep the top navigation area, however, I used some effective CSS to manipulate the position of the navigation bar and the logo (that obviously you don't see in the header area now). We decided to keep the top announcement bar so that Samantha could promote some important services or products above the fold. 

And finally, as you scroll down her home page you are quickly presented with some important areas including: 

  • Main services
  • Information about Samantha
  • An e-mail newsletter sign-up
  • Badassery Magazine information
  • Blog content

My explanation of the new home page design just doesn't do things justice so I highly recommend heading over to Hype Social Strategies and see the home page in action. While you're there I also recommend taking a look at the fantastic services that Samantha offers and having a read through Badassery Magazine - which I'm also featured in for the July Issue.

Samantha is a fantastic and successful business owner and I'm really proud to have gotten to work with such an influential women in her industry and in online business! Thank you Samantha for allowing me this amazing opportunity and I can't wait to work with you again in the near future!