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Before launching Studio Krystal I dedicated all of my time to another love and passion of mine called Embrace & Ignite. Embrace & Ignite is my beauty blog where I chat about all of the latest beauty products and share my overall experiences within the beauty community. Over the last few weeks, my beauty blog has really been causing me some discomfort so I decided what better way to get back into beauty blogging than to overhaul my blog and give it a brand new feel. 

I treated Embrace & Ignite (and ultimately myself) just like my own client. I sat down and asked myself several direct questions and tried to answer them to benefit my blog. After doing this I really discovered that I wanted Embrace & Ignite to be light, fun, laid back but professional and pretty. Using all of these key terms and other information about my target market I decided to dig right into the moodboard phase of the design.

New Moodboard.png

Girl   //   Shells   //   NARS Lipstick  //   Ring   //   Floral    //   Couch

Like all of my client processes, I took to Pinterest to create a collection of images that I felt gave me the overall feeling that I was looking for. For the entire branding process, the moodboard was the part I found hardest for myself. I started with a moodboard that included no beauty related images and just random things. As I continued designing, I felt as if the moodboard gave me no 'beauty' inspiration and so I started from scratch and redesigned the board this time including some makeup items and other beauty related images. After designing the moodboard twice and then making some final image tweaks I came up with the moodboard you see above.

After the moodboard, I decided to mix my process up a bit and went ahead and started playing around with a logo design. I wanted something that was round but still fit the light, fun, laid back, professional and pretty theme. I decided to go with a central bold font (Bebas Neue) and then I decided to play with the secondary font (TT Moons Thin) making it into a circular shape to fit my wants and needs. Finally, I decided to play with the textures and background colors. I knew that I wanted a rose gold and peach because those are the shades that spoke to me from the moodboard. I also decided that I wanted to include a rose gold texture for a unique element within the design. Above you can see the three concepts that I came up with and how the colors and fonts mixed together. 

After the main designs were completed I spent time putting together a really simple brand board for this project. If you've seen my previous designs you know that I like to add my moodboard to the brand board and I also like to add my color codes, font names and all those little extras. Because I wanted my brand on Embrace & Ignite to be light, fun, laid back, professional and pretty I decided that it would be best to keep the brand board simple to reflect this style. Because this is also my own brand I don't feel like I need to go all out on the guidelines and thus the brand board. 

And finally, it was time to take to the blog and completely change the layout. As many of you might know I currently have Embrace & Ignite hosted on Blogger. While I know there are pro's and con's to this platform it works for Embrace & Ignite and allows me to have complete control over the design. One of the biggest changes for the blog layout that I wanted was to make sure that I had something completely unique as opposed to the regular header, sidebar and post area layout. To do this I started by completely removing the header area and really focusing on having just a sidebar and post area to play around with. I also knew that I wanted to make my logo stand out since I really felt like this was a focal point to my entire design. I decided to make this my blog sidebar image so that everyone can easily recognize who's blog they are on. And then from there I altered all of the little area such as the navigation bar and post titles. 

I'm absolutely in love with my new branding and the new blog design over on Embrace & Ignite. I think this change was a long time coming and I really love that I was able to take my skills, knowledge and love for website design to refresh my blog and refresh my love for the beauty community and beauty blogging. 


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