Best Facebook Groups to Hang out in For Creatives: Part #2

At the beginning of April, I shared a post about all of my favorite Facebook Groups to hang out in and the one's that you should be hanging out in if you're an online creator. That post was such a huge success and many of you commented to me sharing more groups that YOU have found helpful. Because of this great feedback and because I've had the chance to join more amazing groups I thought what better way to share these groups than in a follow-up post to my Best Facebook Groups to Hang out in For Creatives

Savvy Business Owners

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Are you savvy? Are you a business owner? Then the Savvy Business Owners group is the #1 place that you need to be. This group is filled with over 7,000 members all who own businesses in a variety of different industries. My favorite part about this group is the constant engagement and interaction that I experience. Not only have I asked questions in this group and shared my business win's but I've also been able to meet other savvy business owners who have helped push my business to the next level.

Ladypreneur Community

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The Ladypreneur Community is a group dedicated to any entrepreneur (specifically ladies)  to connect, interact and talk with other business owners WITHOUT promotions threads. This allows the group to 100% useful in all aspects of business growth. In my time of searching through Facebook, this is the only group I've come across that doesn't do any sort of promotion. It's all about gaining help for your business and sharing your experiences with others. This makes it the perfect place for ANY entrepreneur.

Think Creative Collective

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If you're in the market for a group that allows you to share, learn and grow than Think Creative Collective is the perfect place for you. My personal favorite part about this group is that while there is room to ask and answer questions, it's very thread based. Each day there is a brand new image and thread to prompt you. These types of threads allow me to really sit down and think about aspects of my small business. I then get to share my opinions and experiences on these threads and with other members of this great community. Being prompted allows me to think outside the box and is a great wait to share, learn and grow. 

House of Brazen 

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The talented Elise is the owner and creator behind House of Brazen and the group is steadily growing and currently has about 150 members. BUT don't write this group of yet because of its small size. Small groups are some of my absolutely favorite to join. While large groups get you noticed and your questions answered quicker, small groups allow you to build friends and relationships with other business individuals. This makes small groups even more successful for those in them. House of Brazen is for ALL entrepreneurs wanting to create the business and lifestyle of their dreams. 

So by combining this post with my previous Best Facebook Groups to Hang out in For Creatives, you should now be a happy member of NINE Facebook groups and your business or blog should be booming.

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Facebook Groups are my hot spot, they are my secret weapon and they are the place that I've gained countless hours of information and made some of the best friendships. If you aren't utilizing the Facebook Groups that are out there you simply aren't targeting all of your market. 

What Facebook Groups are you hanging out in? Share them in the comments below!