3 Secrets Behind my Successful Launch!

Launching any new product, service, website or brand can be one of the scariest feelings but also one of the most rewarding. As many of you know, Studio Krystal has gone through this roller-coaster journey in the last few months and has launched successful and bigger than I ever thought. Instead of just raving about my launch process, though, I thought I would share with you three valuable pieces of advice that really pushed my launch to it's limits and made it so successful.

Ask Questions

Just because I'm a Graphic Designer that specializes in Website Design and Brand Identity doesn't mean I know everything. That also doesn't mean I don't need help with my own branding and website design from time to time. When I made the final decision to relaunch my business, I also participated in many conversations on Facebook Groups to gain feedback on my branding, website design and various questions I had through my re-branding process. 

Asking questions and gaining feedback allowed me to gain an outside perspective on my brand. Since I'm the designer behind my website and brand I know I can be biased because I think my branding and website are 'perfect'. When in reality it's my readers and visitors who are going to be the one's viewing my website and branding so it doesn't have to be perfect for me. It has to be perfect for them. Asking questions allowed me to gain that insight.

Finding Your Sister Brand

This has been a brand new term to me recently and I was first introduced to it by the lovely Alisha from AlishaNicole. A sister brand is a person or business who you look up to and is where you want to eventually be with your own blog or business. Chances are this is a well-known blogger or business owner within your niche. For me, there were several ladies who's websites I visited and I really studied them and their brands. After doing that I was really able to have a new understanding for my goals and for my website and then I was able to really prepare my website for its launch. 

A sister brand was an important factor for me in my launch because it allowed me to view someone successful and someone killing it in the industry I want to be part of. This made me strive harder towards my launch and put more effort, money, and time into it. On top of that, some of my sister brands had even done posts about how to launch your website which aided me in the successful launch of my business and website.

Plan Ahead

One thing that I'm really strict on myself about is being caught up on my projects and being ahead in my work. Over on Embrace & Ignite, I have posts done up weeks in advance so that when the time comes to publish I'm not scrambling for ideas. This mindset factored right into the launch of Studio Krystal from everything to the website design to the content I'm publishing. When I intended to relaunch my website, I sat down at my computer brainstormed my design, my services, and my blog posts. Once the overall design of the website was completed, I added all the necessary information and THEN I announced that I would be relaunching. 

Planning ahead for a launch without telling anyone was so important for my process and will be for yours too. You never want to announce something too early, because what if the project fails and you can't deliver what you or your viewers want. It's about planning ahead and taking your time so that your launch can be successful!

So now that you've heard what has made the launch of Studio Krystal successful, I want to know what has made your launch successful. Was it promoting yourself on social media? Was it creating unique branding? Or maybe you're thinking of creating something new and want to launch it. Do you have any plans yet? Share with me your launch stories and ideas in the comments below!