Shailah Gulyas Logo Design // Portfolio

One of my favorite parts about working with clients is seeing their vision come to life, through my designs.

Recently I got the wonderful opportunity to work with Shailah who is a blogger that talks about grief support to women who have lost a pregnancy and are looking to move forward with their grief. Not only is Shailah passionate about her career and helping other women (and men) but she is also passionate about her blog and about her brand. Over the past few weeks, I've worked to bring Shailah's brand to life by designing a standout logo that she can be proud to display.

One of the best parts about working with Shaliah is how focused she was on the project. Right from the first conversation I had with her she knew exactly what she wanted in an overall design and how she wanted that design to come across to potential visitors and clients. 

To start Shailah's design process I asked her some very specific questions towards her brand and the type of posts and services she would be providing. She was also able to give me great direction for where she wanted her brand to be in the future as well as how she was going to use her brand to help other women. With this information, I was able to start designing right away with a clear vision of what she wanted. 

Like with any designs, I took to Pinterest and starting gathering images that I felt fit the healing, soft and feminine style that Shailah was looking for. I also took into consideration her ideal target market when choosing inspiration and this allowed me not to go too overboard in the moodboard process. After creating the moodboard, I then used these images and started creating the perfect color combination to fit all the needs of Shailah's logo. I created about 6 - 7 different color combinations and allowed Shailah to pick that one that she felt best suited her brand.

After the inspiration stage was complete I started working on the final logo design. For me, this was the easiest part because we had a clear vision and clear ideas set in place. I started with a simple design featuring a pregnant woman and included some font's that Shailah and I also worked to put together. I wanted to make sure that the logo still had a healing and soft feature to it while still being feminine liked Shailah had requested she liked. This was the first concept I came up with:

After the first design, we continue on the process leaning more towards a logo that would portray healing rather than pregnancy. At the end of the design process, Shailah still loved the concept of the very first design but she wanted to include something that would evoke healing. She had conveyed to me that she would love a heart, feather or dandelion incorporated into the design because those were things that stood out to her for the overall feeling she was looking for. I decided to include a heart into the logo design in various positions and Shailah ultimately picked the following design:

I want to simply commend Shailah for having a really clear vision for her brand and specifically for her logo. I think her detailed-oriented nature really allowed me to create something based off of her ideas. Rather than my ideas creating the design. She wasn't afraid to tell me when something wasn't right and even more so she was quick to compliment my work when she did love something. Working with Shailah was a wonderful experience and seeing her logo go from an inspiration to a full-blown idea was a wonderful process. Shailah has an amazing future in both blogging and her career. I wish her all the best and I do hope that I get to work with her again in the future!

Don't forget to visit Shailah over on her website!