5 Ways to Customize Your Squarespace Website

There are so many reasons why I decided to use Squarespace to host my website. I feel like it could take me days to go through all those reasons and explain why. So instead of boring you with my thoughts on Squarespace, I thought I would share with you today 5 ways that you can customize your Squarespace website and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Let's face it, there are so many people switching over the Squarespace now and for good reasons. But with so many people switching, websites are starting to look similar and similar. We all want our chance to shine and standout. In today's post, that's what I'm going to help you do.


1) Choosing your template

For anyone how has ever started a Squarespace website before you know how important it is to pick the right template for your wants and needs. Squarespace offers around 20 templates for you to choose from based on what you are looking for. There are business templates, portfolio templates, restaurant templates and more. Don't get caught up in the labels though. If you're wanting to run a beauty blog there is nothing stopping you from choosing a restaurant template if it's what fits your wants and needs of your website.

One of my favorite Squarespace templates if Five. Which is the current template that I use for Studio Krystal. It has a lot of visual elements including a large banner and of course, an integrated blog area. This template is perfect for a budding business owner or blogger. 

2) Utilize drop down menus

Drop down menu's are one of the easiest ways to hide a string of pages in your navigation bar. They also allow related content to be placed together in a more uniform manner. As you can see in my navigation bar I've utilized the drop down features that Squarespace has. This feature allows please to easily find my content without searching forever and allows me to have everything organized on my website. 

Adding drop down menu's is simple. Under your pages area, you are going to create a new page with the folder option. Once you've created, named this and so forth you can then start creating pages and adding them to this folder. Automatically you will see when you scroll over your navigation that this area is now a drop down. Easy!

3) Using content blocks

The most important aspect of any page is the content that you put on it. Whether this is text, images, galleries or more. Squarespace gives you many options to completely customize your website pages. For example, my home page contains text blocks, a gallery block and a mailing list block while your home page might contain something completely different. 

One thing I want to make clear about content blocks is that's it's not about what kind of content blocks you are adding to your pages but more how you arrange them. You can have three text blocks on your home page and you can place them all together. But utilizing these blocks and placing them in separate areas of your website is going to make it look more put-together and customized. Don't forget you can also change the size of these content blocks to fit various areas on your pages.

4) Using summary blocks

Summary blocks are part of your content blocks but they are something that can really make your website stand out. I use summary blocks in various areas of my website including my gallery spaces and on my blog sidebar for my recent/popular post area. These blocks allow you to do so many different things. One of my favorite features is how you can customize them. In those various areas of my blog, I have a different amount of images set. I can also change the size of my images and add special CSS to further customize these areas.

Summary blocks are a great way to display multiple images and create a professional and well laid out website. Try adding these summary blocks in various areas of your website and adjusting the size and formatting to create new and unique ways to display your content that no one else is using.

5) Customize your blog sidebar

If you have chosen a template that supports a blog area and thus supports a blog sidebar, this is a really simple and easy way to customize your website. The elements that put into a sidebar can be endless and range from your social media icons, popular posts, logo, email list sign-up and so much more. This is a great area to make your website 100% unique and tailored to your needs and your viewers. 

Start this process by making sure that your page layout is set to 'one sidebar' or however many sidebars you would like to set up. Your sidebar area should automatically appear and you can begin adding elements to this area just like you would on any of your other Squarespace pages.

Now is your chance! Sign up for Squarespace or head back to your Squarespace site now and start creating a beautiful website that showcases your brand and exactly who you are. Use all of the techniques from today's post and of course, create your own. And don't forget to show me how you've used these techniques to create your own unique website. Leave your links below!

How do you customize your Squarespace website?

Have you discovered any unique ways to set up your pages?