The Best Facebook Groups to Hang Out in for Creatives

Social media has always been at the forefront of anything bloggers or online creators do. With this being said, there are so many platforms out there for networking, connecting and collaborating. Over the past 6 months, it has been one of my goals to really give Facebook a fair shot at being my focus when it comes to social media. In doing this, I discovered the wonderful world of Facebook Groups and today I'm here to share with you some of the favorite that every creator should be hanging out in.

1) Blog + Biz BFF'S

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The Facebook Group that I'm constantly checking, posting in and interacting in is Blog + Biz BFF's which is owned and operated by the lovely, Melyssa from the Nectar Collective. This group was created for bloggers and online entrepreneurs and the group is meant to lend support, give feedback and share advice. This really is the hub for everything blog and business related and that is the main reason I'm constantly on it. 

There are approximately 8,000 members in the group who all have various backgrounds, experience and online passions. This makes the group a really unique and open place to gain honest feedback and advice. Even though the group is so large, I've really been able to meet some amazing bloggers and entrepreneur's that have really helped me get to the next level.

2) For Love + Money by Caitlin Bacher

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Another great group created for both bloggers and online entrepreneurs in For Love + Money by Caitlin Bacher. Caitlin in the beautiful owner behind this group and her popular website/blog strategically named Caitlin Bacher. One of the first things you might notice about Caitlin's group is her visuals and branding. This branded is reflected throughout Caitlin's entire online presence and makes the group really well-known when visiting. 

There are approximately 6,800 members in this wonderful group and just like Blog + Biz BFF's this makes for a really great platform to gain feedback and advice. The one main different with Caitlin's group is the type of posts, while people are still looking to gain feedback I feel like the focus is on more complicated and technical issues. This can be both a pro and con, for me I like hanging in this group because it teaches me something new every day.

3) Photography for your Blog + Biz

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Don't let the name of this next group confuse you too much. Photography for your Blog + Biz is a group dedicated to all aspects of visual marketing NOT just photography. This group was created by the wonderful, Chaitra from It's Pink Pot and is used to talk, share and help others with everything related to improving their visuals. One of my favorite parts about this group is Chaitra's use of daily threads where she allows other members to share tips, techniques, promotions and much more. 

While this group only as approximately 800 members, I feel this one has the most community feel to it. Some of those larger groups are great for gaining advice but I find these smaller groups better for networking and making connections. Pair this with the wonderful daily threads and you're bound to find someone or something you love within this group!

4) Blog Babes

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Lizzie from October June is another creator and entrepreneur taking herself to the Facebook world by creating the lovely, Blog Babes group. Her group, like many others, is for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs and focuses on asking questions and gaining feedback. But one of the unique features of her group is that it was also created to bounce ideas off each other. Creating ideas can sometimes be really easy or really hard for use creators and it's always nice when you can gain others feedback on the ideas you are or are not having.

Blog Babes has approximately 600 members and once again this really gives the group more of a community feel to me. I love using this group to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other creative individuals. I love that Lizzie is able to take the community feel from her website/blog and translate that into her Facebook group!

5) Blog Beautiful

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While all the other groups I've talked about have been focused on gathering and gaining feedback the Blog Beautiful group by Marianne from Design your Own Blog has a different meaning. This group was created for bloggers and solopreneurs who want to beautify their blogs while at the same time wanting to gather feedback and advice on their blog designs. So if you're a blogger and want to be in a group that is dedicated to everything you do I highly recommend this one. 

This group has approximately 4,000 active and fantastic members. This is another larger group and will provide you with a variety of opinions and thoughts based on what you need help with. The reason I love this group is because others tend to pick up on things that I didn't notice in my own blog. This being said, it helps me improve and understand my overall blog from my viewers perspective.

So now, what are you waiting for? I just gave you some amazing new groups to go and check out and you're still reading my post. Head on over and join each of these wonderful groups and start promoting your blog or website in a whole NEW way!