November Traffic Report & December Goals

November has been one of the hardest, longest, most successful and thrilling month's I've had. This is due to many things that I can't reveal just yet but I promise I will. With 2017 getting so close, I'm carefully brainstorming brand new content, services and products that are sure to surprise YOU! And that's not even the beginning.

Speaking of beginnings, November was a month of new beginnings as I graduated from Nail Technology School with some amazing new friends, new accomplishments, and new learning experiences. It's fair to say that my life has taken a slightly different path than what you are used to seeing here on Studio Krystal. But trust me, I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Studio Krystal has been my heart-and-soul and I'm so dedicated and passionate too helping bloggers and entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. November was a fantastic month for me in business. I was able to meet and connect so many new bloggers and business owners and I've also been able to work with some amazing new clients. 

I cannot wait to see what December has to offer!!

Because of all the changes happening during November, I promised myself that this would also be the month that I got serious about Studio Krystal again. I pushed my goals even further than before and I made some really strict rules for myself. It wasn't easy to maintain and anyone who tells you accomplishing your goals is easy, is lying. But trust me, the gratification when reaching a goal is the thing that keeps pushing me to step outside of my comfort. 

This month I did just that and here are my results;


Pageviews: 3.328 ( +440 )

Users: 1,382 ( +39 )

Sessions: 1,780 ( +135 )

Bounce Rate: 62% 

New Visitors: 74.3%

Returning Visitors:  25.7% 

Here is where my traffic came from during November:

Traffic Sources:

Social: 63.1%

Direct: 15.4%

Referral: 7%

Organic: 14.5%

One of the areas I'm proudest of this month, was my traffic. Traffic is something that a lot of bloggers and business owners struggle with and while I might not have the highest traffic numbers, I have loved putting new strategies to the test that bring in more traffic month after month. 

Pinterest was one of those strategies this month. I'm happy to say that November was the first month that I was able to use Pinterest as a main traffic source for Studio Krystal. I look forward to taking this new found strategy and implementing it even further in December. 


Facebook: 161 ( +13 )

Twitter: 1,070 ( -9 )

Pinterest: 832 ( +84 )

Social media didn't see a huge amount of growth this month. Pinterest was the platform with the most amount of growth but still a small amount. While this growth might disappoint some, I'm finding the lack of social media growth to be satisfactory. This means that the traffic growth I'm experiencing is from an already existing audience which means I'm accomplishing my social media strategies and marketing plans!


I touched briefly on my goals already in this post but I wanted to really solidify the fact that these were some crazy goals for Studio Krystal! Goal setting is one of my favorite tasks at the beginning of the month and what's even better is that once I set these goals I don't refer back to them. When the end of the month comes I'm able to then see if I accomplished them or not. I like to be surprised at how much hard-work I've done and how fair I've been able to push myself.

*** Anything listed in bold was ACCOMPLISHED!

For November here is what I wanted to get done;

  1. Reach 3,000 pageviews over the next thirty days
  2. Reach 1,500 users over the next thirty days
  3. Work with 1 - 2 new branding, website design or virtual assistant clients
  4. Launch my brand NEW Facebook Group dedicated to helping bloggers, business owners and online creators turn their side hustles into flourishing full-time successes
  5. Work to create a dedicated, passionate and active community within my Facebook Group

With such huge accomplishments this month I don't want to get ahead of myself. But I still want to continue to make progress. December is going to be a rather crazy month for me and it's really a month where I want to do some major planning while being able to maintain - and even grow - my business further. Here is what I'd love to focus on this coming month:

  1. Reach 3,500 pageviews over the next thirty-one days
  2. Reach 1,500 users over the next thirty days
  3. Focus on brainstorming and writing content for January to June of 2017 to help prepare myself in advance for upcoming events and activities that may effect my schedule
  4. Work to update my Pinterest account by cleaning out pin's on boards, adjusting board titles and otherwise make my account more appealing
  5. Enjoy a Christmas break with my family and friends


Did you catch all the amazing content this month?

This month was full of great content mostly related to Facebook Groups! I was really thankful to write some amazing articles myself but the highlight of my month in blogging was welcoming Miranda Nahmias to share a guest post for YOU! The post was really amazing and I even learned something new. 

If you missed Miranda's post or anything else, don't forget to click the links below:


With such a successful month I'm very much looking forward to December. However, I also plan to take some time in December for myself to enjoy with family and friends over this Holiday Season. It seems that over the past couple of months things have become quite stressful - as I'm sure many other business owners have experienced. It's going to be nice to take some time to refresh before the kick off of 2017!