How to get your Audience's Attention on Social Media

We all know the importance of social media for our blogs or businesses. If you don't, then getting familiar with the importance of social media should be the very first task on your to-do list!

Often times, bloggers and business owners struggle with social media the most in their daily activities. I'm always hearing individuals share their concerns with account growth, traffic growth, and consistency. All of these tasks seem pretty easy to attack with very little information. There seem to be an endless amount of bloggers out there sharing their experiences, their opinions and their techniques on how to accomplish all three of these tasks and more of your everyday concerns. 

But what I often find people overlook with social media is creating call to actions to get your audience's attention to influence the goals you want to accomplish - no matter what they are.

This is what I'm going to chat about today.


What is a call to action?

'Call to action' is a term that is often thrown around in the marketing community but isn't as well known to many bloggers and business owners. Call to actions are a set of words arranged into a phrase that you would use to encourage your audience 'to do' something.

For example, do you want people to sign up for your e-mail list? If so you might put a post on Twitter stating:

"Exclusive content can be found TODAY on my e-mail list. Sign up now? >> LINK"

This right here is a call to action. It offers your audience something, in exchange for them to take action! The specific action in this call to action would be to getting them to click your link and sign up for your e-mail list.

Why do you want your audiences attention?

This should be a pretty simple question to answer but let me break it down!

By getting your audiences attention - through any social media post - you are encouraging them to interact with your brand. This influences them to take action on what you are sharing by going to visit your website, reading your latest post or signing up for your e-mail list. 

Getting your audiences attention allows you to accomplish your goals, grow your business, produce income and overall be a successful online blog or business!

But now here is the big question...

How do I get my audiences attention?

Getting your audiences attention isn't the easiest of tasks. In fact, from my experience, it happens to be one of the hardest. Often our news feeds and timelines are completely full of posts from those we admire that we often miss some pretty important stuff. Social media has found ways around this such as Instagram allowing you to turn on notifications for your favorite accounts. But this still doesn't solve the problem completely. 

Since launching Studio Krystal, it has been my mission to create an engagement, dedicated and fantastic audience! This helps me grow my brand but it also allows me to reach more people with my informative posts - like this one! But meeting this goal has been no easy task. 

Instead of sharing a complicated social media strategy that will only work for a few select brands, I'm going to share posts that you can directly use to get your audiences attention. 

Here is what you can do:

Offer A Giveaway

It's true, everyone loves getting things for free. Giveaways are the perfect way to give back to your existing audience but also bring in new audience members. But don't get too caught up in your giveaway. It doesn't have to be something huge, in fact, it can be as simple as offering to give the winner a free product or service that you offer through your business.

EXAMPLE: " You could win $1,200 in prizes and it's as simple as 1...2...3 >> CLICK HERE "

Promote your latest blog post

This one might seem like the most obvious post on any social media platform. In fact, when you visit your favorite bloggers social media accounts chances are you can view dozens of posts where they directly promote their latest content. This is a great way to get your content out there and encourage your audience to read what you have to offer. This also allows them to gain new insight and learn from your content.

EXAMPLE: " DID THIS GET YOUR ATTENTION? If so, then hop on over to Studio Krystal to read more >> LINK "

Share your Client Projects

We all work hard for our clients and while we might share these projects on our portfolio within our websites, this isn't the only place we can show off this work. If you are a Graphic Designer, Website Designer or Virtual Assistant chances are you have a large portfolio full of amazing clients and fun design projects. By sharing your work on social media, this gives your audience the opportunity to see how talented, versatile and valuable you are. 

EXAMPLE: " Are you ready to take your brand to the next level like NAME did? Let's get started >> CLICK HERE "

Share Others Content

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? If not, the 80/20 rule is applied to any social media platform in which you share 80% others people content and 20% of your own content. This allows your audience to get a portion of your content but also explore other creators out there. This also creates a great lasting relationship with many bloggers and business owners who's content you are sharing.

EXAMPLE: " Thanks to NAME HERE for sharing her latest post! You don't want to miss this! >> CLICK HERE "


Sometimes we just need some inspiration and motivation to get our butt's in gear. Often times my favorite accounts are those that share inspirational and motivation quotes. This helps break up the 'promotional' content and brings some human characteristics to your account.

Cross-Promote your other social media platforms

Often times we have one social media account that out-performs all of the others. But what if we want to utilize one of those smaller accounts? Simple. Cross-promoting of your smaller social media platforms on your larger one's is a completely acceptable way to make your audience aware that your brand is on a variety of platforms. 

EXAMPLE: " Facebook is my favorite platform, but did you know? Studio Krystal also lives on Pinterest >> CLICK HERE "

Promote your services or products

The online world is overrun by articles and blog posts - don't get me wrong they are a wonderful things. But sometimes out audience doesn't want to see our latest post or read what we have to offers. By promoting your services and products this gives them another way to enjoy your brand.

EXAMPLE: " This MONTH ONLY we've having 50% all of my consulting services! Book before it's too late! >> CLICK HERE "

No matter what social media platform you are using - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc - the use of call to actions and carefully planned out content, like the ideas above, are sure to get your audience's attention. With all of that information it's now your turn to start getting your audience's attention on social media.

What are you waiting for? Get started NOW to see your social media skyrocket!