Introducing 'My Turquoise Home'

The journey to working with every client is one that I truly treasure. Each client comes to me with a story and vision of how they want their website or branding to look and then they trust me to turn what's in their head into a reality. 

This sometimes can be challenging and takes me weeks to nail down the perfect design that I know they will love. It's a struggle sometimes but when you are working with patient, respectful and all-around fantastic clients it makes my job that much easier. 

Melissa is just that! Melissa is the owner of My Turquoise Home, a blog about the labor of love, motherhood, family, memories and so much more. My Turquoise Home is Melissa's way of truly expressing herself. When I first began talking with Melissa it was very clear that she loved her blog and that it had a story - I won't reveal it here because I want you to visit Melissa's blog - but I want you to know that her story was close to my heart and I knew I could create something that fit this story. 

Melissa wanted a Logo Design Package with a few little extras to make her logo be the best that it could be. We started this project with my usual consultation and questionnaire process where I began understanding more about Melissa's story and what she envisioned for her new design. One of the greatest assets in Melissa's process was that she came 110% prepared with ideas, descriptions and details about EXACTLY what she wanted.

Let the designing begin!

After grabbing all of the information needed for the design from Melissa, it was then over to me to create three concepts that I would present to her. When discussing with Melissa she had a few ideas that she wanted to see outlined before she could make her final decision. These ideas included: watercolor and glitter text. 

When first starting to design, it took me quite a while to get going with this project, this caused me to take a step back after only a couple of hours of designing. After a short re-fresh, I  restarted designing concepts by first creating the house vector that you can see in a few of the concepts. From there I was able to play with fonts and colors to best represent her brand. The overall design process made me feel really confident in presenting the concepts to Melissa because of the harder than normal design process but also the end result.

Below you can see the three initial concepts that I came up with:

Logo Preview.png

After the concepts were presented, it was then time to finalize the concept that Melissa best felt represented her brand. This turned out to be the very first concept that I worked to create. In the revisions Melissa wanted to include more of her color scheme and she also wanted the option to have her tagline on or off of the logo. 

After spending a couple of days doing all the revisions and finalizing all of the concepts, we finally came up with a logo design and alternative logo design that best represented My Turquoise Home. From there, I presented all of the final concepts in the beautiful Brand Board you see below:

Brand Board Design.png

I could sit here and rave about this project over a span of hours because working with Melissa was an amazing experience for me. But I know that these experiences aren't all about what I think of the project - as I can be biased of my own work - so I thought it would be fun to hear first hand about how Melissa felt the project went!

Here's what Melissa had to say:

How did you find the overall Logo Design process?

" The process was great! Emails were answered quickly and Krystal was always asking the right questions to get me thinking about what I really wanted my design to look like. She gave me great advice on next steps and things that she thought would work and wouldn't work. She was quick to make revisions and I appreciated her excitement about my new blog design and logo. "

Would there have been anything within the process you would have liked to be done differently?

" I don't think so. I thought that my process went quite smoothly and I would work with her again on future designs. "

How do you feel about the final concepts that were designed?

" I love it! I couldn't of pictured a better logo, secondary logo or new colours to use for my blog! Sometimes you have an idea in your head but you need a professional to help execute it and that's what Krystal was great at doing. "

Do you feel like the price you paid was worth the outcome?

" I do! You will either find a really expensive designer who will give you the same outcome as Krystal did, or you will find a cheaper designer who may not be able to see your vision at all or create on for you. I thought she provided a lot for the price. "


Who is Melissa & What is My Turquoise Home?

Hi, I'm Melissa! Welcome to My Turquoise Home. A family and lifestyle blog dedicated to simplifying the home, motherhood and living life with a splash of color!