How to Identify Potential Clients in Facebook Groups

Facebook Group are my secret weapon for all things business and blogging. How many times have you heard me say that now?

Facebook Groups seem to be one of the most popular topics here on Studio Krystal. Every time I share a post about Facebook or answer a question in a Facebook Group about Facebook people seem to want more and more and more information. This causes me to want to write more content all about Facebook and help people understand that while Facebook might be an 'old' marketing tactic for business it can be used in a whole new way. 

Instead of hearing about Facebook from me in another blog post, I thought it would be really fun to bring in another kickass business owner so that you can hear another perspective and gain knowledge from someone else using Facebook to skyrocket their business.

I'm extremely happy to have one of my BIGGEST business mentors, Miranda Nahmias, here on Studio Krystal to share something really exciting. If you operate a business your main motives are to reign in new clients and make new money. Don't deny it. Today, Miranda is going to share with us how we can Identify Potential Clients in Facebook Groups!

Let's get started...

As service providers in today’s online world, the competition is fierce. From my own experience, I’ve found that one of the best ways to find and book clients is by authentically building relationships in Facebook groups!

There are so many benefits to doing this (the right way), so I’m really excited to share a few tips and tricks on how to actually identify potential clients that you will come across on Facebook.

Identify Potential Clients by the Types of Posts They Publish

One great way to identify potential clients in Facebook groups is to analyze the different types of posts that people publish.

For example, the six most common types of posts you will see are:

  • Introduction: When someone has just been accepted to a new group, they will start a new thread introducing themselves to the other members of the group.

  • Win: When something really exciting happens to someone (i.e. they got published by the Huffington Post or scored a dream client), they will share the news with everyone.

  • Inspirational/Personal Story: This type of post could include a lot of different things, but it’s most often a long story that details a revelation or experience someone’s had.

  • Question: This one is pretty self explanatory...people ask questions when they need help or are looking for advice about something.

  • Job Opportunity: Someone is looking to get recommendations or proposals for a particular project they want to hire someone for.

  • Tip: Sometimes people post business tips, advice, breaking news, or a cool new piece of software they found.

This isn’t an exact science, but I’ve found that there are some correlations between these six common types of posts and the different types of clients you can encounter.

The two most prominent correlations that I’ve noticed are these:

  • People who are new to a niche are more likely to ask questions

  • Business, life, and health coaches (etc.) are most likely to post inspirational/personal stories.

This correlation is important because when you are interacting with people in Facebook groups, it’s not always immediately obvious what “category” the different members fall into. If you are targeting a specific subset of persons within a broader niche, you need to be able to identify potential clients so that you can spend the most time interacting with that specific type of person who is ultimately more likely to purchase from you.

So if, for example, you are a web designer who has an e-course on how to get started as a web designer, you might want to join some Facebook groups geared towards freelance web designers. Within that “freelance web designers” niche, you’ll want to specifically target those who are newbies and just getting their toes wet. So since that type of member is more likely to post questions, you can know that you should spend the majority of your time in Facebook groups authentically marketing yourself by commenting on those “question” threads.

Depending on what niche you’re in, you will probably notice a ton more of these types of patterns if you keep your eyes peeled! For example, maybe if you are specifically targeting moms who are trying to lose weight, you might notice that they are the most likely type of person to be posting Wins in a mom-focused Facebook group.

Identify Potential Clients by Scouring Promo Threads

One of the key aspects of a lot of Facebook groups is that they offer weekly (or sometimes daily) “promo threads.” In these threads, you’re often allowed to post a link that goes back to one of your blog posts, a social media channel or the services you offer, depending on the rules of the group.

Not only are these promo threads a great way to get traffic back to your own website, they can be full of opportunity to identify potential clients who are members of that particular group.

The next time you see a blog post promo thread, take a peek through all of the comments. Keeping your target market in mind, it should be fairly easy to tell, based on the titles of these blog posts, whether or not the person posting is a potential client for you or not.

For example, if you are an online birthing coach targeting moms-to-be, you’ll want to keep your eye out for posts that have probably been written by expecting moms, which might include stuff like: maternity fashion, nursery decoration, pregnancy updates, etc.

Now that you’ve scoped out those potential clients, it’s time to authentically market yourself to them by building a relationship! “Like” their comment, or even share it on one of your social media channels. Build up that name recognition, and then remember their name for later. Next time you see them comment or post something? Interact with them again! Remember to leave thoughtful, personal comments that show you are genuinely interested in forming a real connection with them.

Identify Potential Clients by the Words They Use

When you’re marketing yourself in a Facebook group, there are basically two types of potential clients: those looking to purchase from you now and those that require long-term effort.

It’s important to put time and energy into marketing yourself to both of these types of people. And I even recommend spending the majority of your time on the second group of people. The payoffs are much sweeter.

But, yes, every once in a while, you’ll come across a potential client who needs help from you NOW. If you want to be able to identify potential clients who are ready to purchase in the immediate future, look out for a few specific markers in the language that they use.

Identify Potential Clients by Language.png

As you can see from these examples above, there are two things that you keep an eye out for if you want to know if someone is a hot lead.

The first thing that you should notice is that they are specifically asking for help. They have a problem and they need a solution now. There will almost always be a sense of urgency in these postings.

The second thing it will include is an indicator that they are actually willing to spend money on this, and aren’t just looking for free help. Potential clients who are looking to buy will either use the word “hire” (or something similar, like “pricing,” “rates,” “job,” etc.) or they will specifically mention a job title, like “web designer” or “life coach.”

By now, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of little details, hints, and clues that you can pick up from people in Facebook groups that will help you figure out if they are a potential client or not.

If you’re diligent and spend a lot of time in Facebook groups for your specific niche, I bet that you’ll find a ton more interesting patterns and correlations like the ones I’ve talked about today!

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Who is Miranda Nahmias?

Miranda Nahmias is a client acquisition and systems specialist who is passionate about helping female online service providers achieve their dreams in the most low-stress way possible! Miranda is also an experienced virtual assistant who runs an elite team of U.S.-based Virtual Assistants in a variety of different specialties.

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