3 Reasons you Need to be Involved in Facebook Groups

There is no denying that when it comes to marketing my business on social media that I'm a die hard Facebook fan. Facebook Marketing is one of the fastest, simplest and most effective ways to get in front of your target audience NOW! 

However, sometimes seeing the payoff from Facebook Groups can be a bit tricky in the beginning. This causes most people to focus on other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. The other problem is that as business owners we get so wrapped up in other tasks that we just don't dedicate enough time to Facebook and seeing this final payoff. 

For today, I thought I would share 3 of the reasons I think EVERY business owners needs to be on Facebook along with the best ways you can see the quickest payoff. And don't forget to stick around to the end of this post because I'm sharing my brand NEW Facebook Group that I know is absolutely going to ROCK your world!

Are you a service-based or product-based business?

We all know that business are either service-based - offering an intangible product or one-one-one service to someone - or product-based - offering a physical product that can be held in your hands and enjoyed. No matter which business type you are you are going to use some form of Facebook Marketing to increase your reach and grow your business. Or at least you should be.

A Facebook Page is the very first marketing tool that you should set up when starting any new business venture but what about the others areas of Facebook you could set up to take your business even further?

Do you know about Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are a community of individuals - like yourself - who are working hard to turn their businesses into successful stockpiles. These communities focus on everything from directly promoting your business to meeting other like-minded business owners and sharing your stories. There are even some groups for ranting about the daily activities of business and sharing the struggles.

The possibilities within Facebook Groups are endless but there are THREE main reasons you should be hopping on this trend and joining some as soon as possible.

Here's why:

1) 100% of your traffic can come from Facebook Groups

What is one of the BIGGEST goals that we have as bloggers and business owners?

Did you answer with traffic growth? I know that every month when I go to plan out my goals for the upcoming month one of the things I always want to focus on is getting new people to my website and thus interacting with me and engaging in the sales funnel I have set up. I also know that many times when I'm scrolling through Facebook Groups one of the topics that pop off often is in regards to getting traffic to your website. 

Did you know that Facebook Groups can easily bring in 100% of your website traffic?

But before we get talking about the ways to bring this traffic in you first have to have the right things set-up within your personal Facebook profile and your Business Facebook Profile to ensure that people can find you easily and thus get to your website. 

1) Make sure that within your work profile on your personal Facebook Page that you have your Business Facebook Page listed. This is going to be the #1 area that potentials clients and new audience members come to find you. 

2) This means that you HAVE to have a Business Facebook Page for your business and that you need to be updating this page so that your potential clients and audience see that your brand is active and engaged.

If you want to increase the recognition of your brand even more, take your branding to the next level by implementing your branding - colors and fonts - on your personal Facebook Page. This could include using your professional business head shot as your profile picture and using your cover photo as a means to direct potential clients and audience to your Business Facebook Page or website!

But now back to the core of gaining traffic, Facebook Groups!

There are Facebook Groups out there right now ranging in members from 50 to 30,000 and therefore there is a huge market for you to reach and capitalize on. The process of capturing traffic is really simple and just involves spending one hour per day on Facebook Groups interacting with members, promoting your content, and grabbing their attention to bring them to your website. 

This marketing strategy is one of the simplest because all you have to have is structure your days to have at least 1-hour per day to focus on Facebook and have the ability to comment on others members post. The more you comment and interact the more people will start flowing to your website. And thus, helping your reach the status of having 100% of your traffic flow from Facebook Groups!


For a business to succeed you need to sell something and earn income. These items can either be one-on-one services or physical products that your consumers can enjoy. But if you are an online business specifically, where do you find these clients? The answer is simple...

Facebook Groups!

I'm VERY happy to say that 100% of the clients that I've helped here at Studio Krystal have come from Facebook Groups whether it was me contacting them directly or friends referring me to them. This makes Facebook Groups a huge asset for Studio Krystal and a strategy I believe you can use in the same manner. 

The marketing strategy is really simple. All I do is spend one-hour per day in Facebook Groups where I scroll through the current posts and find my target client or individuals that I believe I can help. If someone wants to know which logo is best, I comment on the post. If someone wants to know which website platform is best, I comment on the post. I'm engaging with the audience of Facebook Groups in hopes that my ideal client will see this interaction and start to build that trust with me.

The other thing I do is contact people directly about my services. If I'm seeing someone post in a Facebook Group looking for a Brand Designer, I immediately comment on the post offering my services and a way to directly get in contact with me. I also make sure when I comment that the comment stands out by being a little bit funny, friendly or something unique. This gets the persons attention and the attention of others looking on this post for the same things.

That's one BIG thing to remember just because someone posts it doesn't mean that just that ONE client needs those services at that time. There could be hundreds of people needing that service and chances are there are a FEW of them reading that particular post so at any time hundreds of people could be saving your information to contact you. So while you need to be personalize to make your original client come to you, you also want to be professional and appeal to your entire ideal client who is looking at that post!

3) 100% of your income can come from Facebook Groups

And finally, what are we all in business for? 

Being in business means we want to make money, clear and simple. This doesn't make you greedy to have this answer either. It means you are passionate about having a successful business and putting the hard work, dedication and time into making it succeed. Straight up, I launched Studio Krystal because I was tired of working for a boss who disrespected me and didn't value me and therefore, I wanted to create a booming business for myself.....to make money!

Because you can get 100% of your clients from Facebook Groups this directly means you can make 100% of your income from Facebook Groups. 

By implementing the simple marketing strategies I mentioned above you can having a booming business all without leaving Facebook. Wouldn't it be great to just focus on one platform for a change?

We've all see bloggers and business owners sharing their Income Reports - some of my favorites include Miranda Nahmais and Melyssa Griffin - where they outline how they are making thousands and tens of thousands. As a new business you might not be making the kind of numbers they are, but everything single month I average to make enough income to cover my expenses and that is always the best place to start. As you watch your business grow and use Facebook Groups to do that you will notice that your income goals jump and the income you are actually bringing in jumps as well.

Don't you want to be the next Melyssa Griffin in your niche?

If you answered yes, then you need to be hopping on Facebook Groups right now!

Facebook Groups have an endless amount of things to offer you!

Today we have only talked about 3 reason why I think Facebook Groups can be beneficial for your business but I think there are so many reasons that it could take me a dozen posts to talk about them all. Each of the reasons discussed today have been tested, tried and strategically used by Studio Krystal and MANY other business owners out there who are using Facebook Groups more than ever to help you business soar to new heights.

Before we conclude, I want you to know that each of these reasons aren't just random. Each of the 3 reasons I discussed in today's post actually fit together to create the simplest form of a sales funnel imaginable.

Here is what you need to remember:

Getting Traffic = Getting Clients = Getting Income

And now what you've all been waiting for...

Here at Studio Krystal I believe in providing services and conversations that YOU can directly use to influence, grow and maintain your blog or business. In saying this, I think it was time that I finally decided to take Studio Krystal to the next level and provide you more personal, engaging and education content. 

Today I present to you the launch of my BRAND NEW Facebook Group called....

Flourish to Full-Time Success Online with Studio Krystal !

By being an exclusive member of Flourish to Full-Time Success you will be provided with daily threads to help you grow your business, promote your work and meet new individuals that can directly influence your business. You will also be granted EXCLUSIVE access to my Resource Library which is currently full of free graphic content, worksheets, checklists, eBooks and much more on various topics including growing your traffic, creating your branding and being a badass blogger or business owner!

So are you ready to start using Facebook Groups to your advantage?