October Traffic Report & November Goals

Umm...What happened to October?

By far, October has been the craziest and most enjoyable month for me. While I spent part of the month battling a massive head cold I was still able to get tons of client work done and started brainstorming for some great upcoming content including the launch of my EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group.

Behind-the-scenes here at Studio Krystal I've also been busy planning and brainstorming for the launch of a brand new business adventure. As many of you might know, I'm a Makeup Artist and Nail Technician and my biggest dream has always been to own a studio or salon. That dream has gotten even closer to becoming a reality as I continue to work on business plans and branding. While I don't want to jinx myself, I do want to say I'm really excited for everything that is to come.

But let's get back on track with what's been going on inside Studio Krystal!

Like last month, I decided to not reflect on my goals mid-month and instead I would let everything be a true surprise at the end of the month. I know my goals for October were pretty hefty and they pushed both myself, my readers and my stress-level above and beyond what it normally is. But I was very excited to take on the challenge. 

Let's see if I accomplished what I wanted to!

As the month of October continued on, I quickly realized that the goals I had set combined with the hectic schedule I would be leading would cause me to not be able to be quite as active as I wanted with Studio Krystal. This in turn is reflected in my goals but I still felt it was important to share this update to show the not-so-great side to business that sometimes happens when life gets in the way. 

Here is where Studio Krystal stands today:


Pageviews: 2,888 ( -56)

Users: 1,343 (-22)

Sessions: 1,645 (-76)

Bounce Rate: 70.21 %

New Visitors: 77.4 %

Returning Visitors: 22.6 %

I'm going to be completely honest. I'm not impressed with these numbers this month in comparison to the goals I had set. Because October was so crazy I had to be really hands-off with Studio Krystal, so while these numbers feel great to me because I was so distant I wish I could have produced more growth and progress. Hopefully within November - and after school graduation - I will be able to spend some extra time on Studio Krystal and get back on track. 

Here is where my traffic came from during October:

Traffic Sources:

Social: 68.8 %

Direct: 19.3 %

Referral: 1 %

Organic: 10.9 %

One of the most important things that I was able to do this month was utilize Pinterest to finally bring in MORE traffic than all of my other social media platforms. You might know that Facebook has always been my biggest traffic source and now Pinterest was exceeded Facebook. While they are still pretty close in bringing in traffic, I'm looking forward to seeing which one pulls ahead in the last couple of months of 2016. In saying this, I'm wanting to focus on Facebook this coming month, and specifically my upcoming Facebook Group!


Facebook: 148 (+3)

Twitter: 1,079 (-10)

Pinterest: 748 (+70)


For the month of October, my goals completely kicked my ass and that's simply due to amount of time that I was able to spend actively promoting my blog content and reigning in new clients. This month really was hectic and it kept me away from Studio Krystal for a huge part of the business. When it came to social media, everything had to be automated and I believe this was a huge set-back in completing these goals. However, because everything was so hands-off this month I'm really impressed with the outcome of the statistics I was able to accomplished.

For those curious, here are the goals I had set for October:

  1. Reach 3,000 pageviews over the next thirty-one days
  2. Reach 1,500 users over the next thirty-one days
  3. Launch my brand NEW Facebook Group related to helping bloggers and small business owners succeed and get noticed online 
  4. Focus on Twitter as my main marketing platform to increase engagement, produce more traffic and overall become a larger asset to Studio Krystal
  5. Finish the Influencer Marketing Masterclass (which is currently $200 off regular price) that is being hosted by Zoe Linda and I want to improve my Influencer Marketing skills

Here is what I would like to get accomplished in November:

  1. Reach 3,000 pageviews over the next thirty days
  2. Reach 1,500 users over the next thirty days
  3. Work with 1 - 2 new branding, website design or virtual assistant clients
  4. Launch my brand NEW Facebook Group dedicated to helping bloggers, business owners and online creators turn their side hustles into flourishing full-time successes
  5. Work to create a dedicated, passionate and active community within my Facebook Group


October was a really great month for content here at Studio Krystal. One of my absolute favorite posts to write and to see the feedback on was the 'Why I Chose Squarespace for my Business'. Squarespace is often an under-valued platform and therefore it was great to write a post for my audience to understand the value that Squarespace holds both for bloggers and all business owners. 

Here is the other content I shared this month:


Heading into the last two months of 2016 means I want to kick Studio Krystal into overdrive and I want to present to you MORE content and MORE exclusive resources that will help you turn your side hustle into a flourishing full-time success. 

One of the ways I'm going to do this is one I touched on in the beginning of the post.

In November, I'm going to be LAUNCHING my very of Facebook Group dedicated to helping bloggers, business owners and online creators accomplish their greatest success yet. While I don't want to spoil the surprise too early I can tell you that there will be daily threads and by joining you will also get EXCLUSIVE access to my resource library. No more signing up to my e-mail list and waiting for me to send you even more content to your Inbox - I'm headed down a non-traditional route and I know you all are going to love it!

Along with my Facebook Group, I've already begun to plan amazing content for the remainder of 2016 and even the beginning of 2017 - I'm on top of things, right?

I'm absolutely thrilled to have each and everyone of you supporting me and I cannot wait to bring you even more!