September Traffic Report and October Goals

I'm pretty sure that I'm in denial that September is over already.

But that means, we get to move onto October which just happens to be my favorite month of the calendar year. This time of year, the leaves start changing color, pumpkins line every doorstep, and I finally get to dig out my fall and winter clothes - which yes, I actually enjoy.

On top of that, I'm also really excited to take Studio Krystal with me into October and see what kind of success I can have this time of year. 

September was a really huge month for me and you would know that from reading my previous traffic report (click here). This month really was about maintaining what I already have building here on Studio Krystal to focus on the education I'm undertaking - even right now I'm writing this while on break at school. It has been a big challenge and it has taken some extra time management on my part. But I'm pretty happy to say that I know the numbers and information in this post reflects how successful I was at maintaining my business. 

But, you be the judge!

The end of September has been the biggest blessing to me, as I'm currently working on two MAJOR client projects that I can't wait to reveal in October. I'm so happy to be working with some kickass business ladies and I can't wait to put the final touches on their projects to make their blogs and businesses soar. 

Besides diving head first into client work, there isn't much else to chat about that happened during September, so let's just get into what you all want to see!

September Traffic Sources

Pageviews: 2,944 ( - 69 )

Users: 1,365 ( + 278 )

Sessions: 1,721  ( + 303 )

Bounce Rate: 68.86% ( + 10.47% )

New Visitors: 74.4% ( + 3.4% )

Returning Visitors: 25.6% ( - 3.4% )

I'm really happy to see that all of my numbers this month were pretty dead on to what I received last month. This means my biggest goal of maintaining my business for September actually was a success. While I feel as if my pageviews could have been slightly better, I'm really impressed with the rest of my statistics and income. Next month, I'm wanting to push myself outside of my comfort zone in terms of bringing in slightly more traffic.

Here is where my traffic came from during September:

Traffic Sources:

Social: 71.2%

Direct: 14.5%

Referral: 1.2%

Organic: 7%


Social Media Report

Facebook: 145 ( + 69 )

Twitter: 1,089 ( + 7 )

Pinterest: 678 ( + 59 )

Bloglovin: 28 ( 0 )

Email Subscribers: 128 ( + 20 )


Business Goals

In the beginning of this post, I spoke about maintaining the goals I had set for myself in the previous month. I wanted to keep these goals the same because I knew September would be a really hectic month for me. Below you will see the goals I had set for myself and anything that is in bold means it was accomplished - I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of this set of goals!

  1. Reach 2,500 pageviews over the next thirty days
  2. Reach 1,000 users over the next thirty days
  3. Work with 2 new Branding, Website Design or Virtual Assistant clients
  4. Maintain posting once per week including one guest post this month
  5. Better using my 'in office' time to focus on task management and potential client interaction
  6. Brainstorm a strategy to eliminate my e-mail list from my business to create a more streamline and personal system for those wanting to connect with me

For October, I want to continue to maintain my business but I also want to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself. I'm going to aim to set my goals slightly higher this month and I'm also going to set some goals around some new things that I want to launch. I'm ready to take Studio Krystal on a little bit of a different path and outside of the traditional steps other business owners have taken. I cannot wait to see my progress over the next month!

Here are the goals I have set for October:

  1. Reach 3,000 pageviews over the next thirty-one days
  2. Reach 1,500 users over the next thirty-one days
  3. Launch my brand NEW Facebook Group related to helping bloggers and small business owners succeed and get noticed online 
  4. Focus on Twitter as my main marketing platform to increase engagement, produce more traffic and overall become a larger asset to Studio Krystal
  5. Finish the Influencer Marketing Masterclass (which is currently $200 off regular price) that is being hosted by Zoe Linda and I want to improve my Influencer Marketing skills

Popular Content

September seemed like such a short month, but I used that to my advantage to publish some really great quality content that can help a variety of different business owners and bloggers. Here is what you might have missed:

Final Thoughts

October is going to be a big month for me. I have so many things I'm hoping to accomplish and I feel really confident going into October with the goals that I have set for myself. I'm excited to continue working on client projects and producing amazing, helpful content that can help you take your blog or business to new levels.

September was really great for me and I'm thankful to each and every one of you for supporting me this month and I look forward to connecting with you further in October.