Why I Chose Squarespace for my Business

Did you know? The foundation of Squarespace was started in 2003 by owner Anthony Casalena and officially launched in January 2004 as a means to solve Casalena's own problems he was facing when building a website (source).

" The goal of Squarespace is to empower anybody to be able to build, maintain and grow a beautiful, smartly-branded website. " (source)

There is no doubt that Squarespace is a fast-growing website platform that many bloggers and business owners are taking advantage of. But there is still that age-old debate of whether Squarespace is truly better than platforms like Wordpress.

The answer is NO!

One website platform will never really be better than the other because each of our website needs and wants are completely different. I might want my website to be simple with little coding needed to run it, while you might want to code you website completely from scratch. These needs would require two completely different platforms. 

However, there is no denying that for the needs and wants of Studio Krystal, Squarespace was the clear winner in the platform battle. Today, I'm sharing with you how Squarespace was the best chose for me and how you to can use the platform to grow, maintain and succeed in your online journey!

All-in-One Platform

When you sign-up for Squarespace and begin your website journey Squarespace is all you need. You don't need to go to another website or platform for you domain name, to set up hosting for your website or even for a customized branded e-mail address. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that provides you will all the tools you could ever need to run a successful blog or business.

Here are some of the amazing all-in-one feature Squarespace offers its users:

  • Built-In Mobile Websites
  • Customizable Content Layouts
  • Free TypeKit Fonts
  • Custom CSS Options
  • Drag-and-Drop Management
  • SEO
  • Dropbox File Synchronization
  • Page-Specific Passwords
  • Multiple Contributors
  • Commenting System
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Blogging Options
  • Analytics
  • ...

For a full comprehensive list of the features - and trust me there are hundreds - that Squarespace has available to it's user click here!

Coding VS Designing

Coding and designing go hand-in-hand in the website design world. But most people generally like to deal with one or the other. If you love to code your website using HTML and CSS codes to make it completely unique to your style then Squarespace might not be the best option for you. However, if you are a designer - like myself - and want that to reflect in your design without the overloaded use of HTML and CSS codes then Squarespace is exactly what you need. 

When I'm scrolling online, one of the biggest myths about Squarespace I hear is that they have no room for coding - HTML and CSS - to fully customize your website. This is completely untrue. Squarespace has two main areas where you can customize your website using HTML and CSS codes. But the platform is designed and built for you so that you don't have to do any of this work. 

But the choice is completely your own!

High Quality, Low Budget

Everything within the Squarespace platform is done with the highest of quality but also at a low-budget cost so that even the most frugal shopper can use Squarespace to help kick start their online journey. Have you looked at the images Squarespace puts forward? This is the best example of how Squarespace continues to maintain it's high-quality status. Instead of compressing images like many other platforms - we all know how ugly Facebook Covers look - they use full sized images without compression to make your website bold, beautiful and professional. 

In combination with many high-quality features, Squarespace also has a ladder of packages available for users. These include:

$12 billed annually or $16 billed monthly for their Personal Package

$18 billed annually or $26 billed monthly for their Business Package

To learn more about the packages and what each package features click here.

User-Friendly interface

When you are starting your blog or business, you are most likely wanting an all-in-one platform that has a user-friendly interface. Squarespace has exactly that. Squarespace is designed with a template system and within each template you have a user-friendly drag-and-drop system which allows you to easily manipulate the features on each page of your website.

As a Website Designer, this is a huge perk to me. When I'm working on a client project and getting ready to transfer the website over to them. I know that within a few days they will be able to understand the Squarespace platform because of the drag-and-drop features. Unlike platforms such as Wordpress where you, as the designer, will have to send you client detailed instructions to finish the set-up and change things as needed.

In my eyes, this makes Squarespace the #1 platform for all of my client work!

Customer Service and How-To Section

Have you ever been on a website platform or even a social media platform and had a question but didn't know where to turn to ask. That doesn't have to be a problem when it comes to using Squarespace. Actually Squarespace has two major methods to get your questions answered and your blog or business running smoothly. 

1) You can contact Squarespace directly using their contact e-mail or telephone number where a representative will answer all of your questions and help you troubleshoot.

2) You can use the Squarespace Help Section (click here) where everything - and I do mean everything - is outlined for you in easy to follow step-by-step tutorials. You can also use this section to learn more about the template you chose or Squarespace in general. Give it a try!

Squarespace and SEO

One of the BIGGEST myths surrounding Squarespace has to do with SEO (search engine optimization) and if it really is as good as platforms like Wordpress. Squarespace has a built-in SEO program which allows your website to be just as good - if not better - than other website platforms. Squarespace also gives you the abilities to customize your SEO in areas such as page titles, page descriptions, image titles and much more. 

Squarespace doesn't have to be a scary platform when it comes to SEO and just because you don't see SEO services on the top layer of your settings doesn't mean there aren't some kickass things going on behind the scenes. I mean, hey you found my website, didn't you?

Squarespace is a platform targeted at a very specific market of individuals, but doesn't Wordpress do the same thing? Squarespace isn't for everyone, I get it. But my love for Squarespace will be never ending. I could have listed twenty reason why I love Squarespace in this post and it really still wouldn't be enough. 

Squarespace is the FOUNDATION of my business. It's where my business lives, breathes and eats. Its where all of my clients come to view my latest content and it really is the thing that keeps my business thriving! At the end of the day, Squarespace is the #1 platform that I owe all of my success too and don't you want to have the same success?